May 28, 2019

GAOG | ~ πŸ’“ Follow-up to the Plight of the Lightworker πŸ’• ~ | .. How a Master Energy Healer works with spirit guides to manage times when life can seem too hard. Alicia gives a simple spirit-connection training and advice for these kinds of tough moments .. |

Thanks to Julie for sending in this helpful video as a follow-up to my post, Trust is the Portal (or the Plight of the Lightworker).

Julie writes: “Since we’re electromagnetic beings, these thought forms do ‘enter’ us…and drag us down. Saying, ‘no thank you’ probably isn’t enough. A powerful tool for us Lightworkers is to partner with high level spirit guides to clean up our auric fields…pretty much on a daily basis.”

Alicia Power offers detailed advice on bringing much more juice to our co-creative abilities in her video, When Life is Hard: Working with Spirit Guides.


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