May 16, 2019

Businessinsider | ~ Huawei slams Trump’s 'unreasonable' ban, saying that the move will only harm US interests in its own 5G rollout ~ | Blogger: [🆘President Donald Trump's National Emergency Declaration - Not Being Evil Is Not Enough For Tech Companies Anymore🤡] ... |

  • Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei responded on Wednesday to news of President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration.
  • Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday declaring a national emergency over "threats against information and communications technology and services" in the US.
  • Soon after, the US Commerce Department said it would add Huawei to its "entity list," preventing the company from buying parts and components from American companies without US government approval.
  • Huawei slammed the US for its "unreasonable restrictions," which it says infringes on Huawei's rights and could lead to serious legal battles down the road.
  • It added that it was willing to "engage with the US government" to come up with solutions to security concerns, but said a ban on its business in the US would only serve to hurt US interests.

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