May 23, 2018 | May 23, 2018 | ~ TV Exposé on Plasco Demolition features AE911Truth ~ |

Persian-Language Channel Airs
Groundbreaking Exposé on Plasco Demolition, Draws Significantly from AE911Truth Report

Watch the Show – Help Us Continue to Make the Difference

Watch the Show – Help Us Continue to Make the Difference

One month ago today, Persian-language channel Manoto TV aired a groundbreaking exposé about the demolition of Tehran’s 15-story Plasco Building in January 2017, which killed 16 firefighters and at least five civilians. Manoto TV is estimated to be watched by at least 30 percent of households in Iran.

The half-hour segment from Manoto’s investigative news series Reportage highlights most of the key evidence covered in AE911Truth’s February 2017 report and also features an interview with one of the report’s co-authors, Ted Walter.

After working hard for the past four weeks to translate and subtitle the Persian-language show, we are pleased to finally release it.

This episode of Reportage marks the first time that any media organization — other than the staunchly anti-government, reformist Amad News — has reported the truth about the Plasco Building demolition and the mass murder of nearly two-dozen people who were inside the building at the time of this heinous act.

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It’s only a matter of time before the political conditions become right for the Western media to begin reporting truthfully about 9/11 in the way the Persian-language media is now beginning to report truthfully about Plasco.
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