December 29, 2018

The Rumor Mill | Archive | ~ Lockheed Martin, reveals the "UFO": The Aurora program exists and flies for years ~ | Blogger: Soft Disclosure --- Our beloved Lockheed Martin, father of defaulted F-35's, but not The Skunk Works, with their SR-72... Richard Branson has recently announced Virgin is set to order 10 supersonic Boom jets with Pulse Jets engines, NASA and their EM Drive Fuel-free engine. Secretly Skunk Works design drafts or the Real Deal? Izakovic: "The gap between the experimental and secret technology that note is about 25/30 years. In 98% of cases, what you see in the sky meets the earth's physical ... |

SR-72 Lockheed Martin 

Virgin Boom
NASA Concorde
We can be operational within two years with the SR-72. With an "unexpected" announcement Lockheed Martin announced to the world that it has acquired the technology to develop the first operational hypersonic platform on the planet. During the annual report, the defense giant said it was ready for the technology, which relates to a higher than Mach 5 speed system. 

NASA sonic booms
That the specifications of the sixth-generation platforms are 
specifically concerned by the hypersonic speed, it had long been known. "Our  aero- dynamic configuration is stable in all flight profiles: subsonic, transonic,  supersonic and hypersonic". Reading between the lines, Lockheed has admitted that it then has completed the development of a technology, that is still experimental in the rest of the world. Specifically, a higher profile at Mach 6 provides for the implementation of new thermal protection systems as well as the aerodynamic design. The latter, whereas the absence of movable surfaces, has been optimized to obtain the stability in different speed regimes. 

Reaction Engines - Lapcats
Until today, at least in known development processes, the 
hypersonic platform was dropped at high altitude by a support platform. This is because a hypersonic aircraft could not take advantage of the conventional runways for takeoff and landing. The SR-72, however, would overcome these limitations. 

SSP "Nazi Bell"

The Skunk Works, a division for special projects at Lockheed, he would deliver a final project able to reach North Korea in 90 minutes, fly over the entire peninsula in two, making high-resolution detection and behave like a standard aircraft without the need of a launch aircraft or recall.

"The concept of combined-cycle engine, circumvents the limitations of conventional reactors, ramjet and scramjet engine, which can only operate at different speed regimes. The new propulsion system aims to solve this problem by using a turbine engine for low-speed and a scramjet at high speeds. "

The demonstrator Lockheed will cost less than a billion dollars and will have the size of an F-22 Raptor. Lockheed, in fact, confirmed that the prototypes of the SR-72 flying from time through classified programs. Yes, we are talking of the Aurora Programme.

We know that in the '80s and' 90s, the Skunk Works got funding for some Black Projects that gave life to the F-117 (pictured right) as, previously, also to the aircraft U-2 spy. The "black aircraft production" of Lockheed, obtained funding for multi-billion dollar, five were in the 90s, for the "production of a system covered by military secret" never disclosed. It has never been identified, but over the years we have seen many "UFO" in the sky.

Just as we have always said, the gap between the experimental and secret technology that note is about 25/30 years. In 98% of cases, what you see in the sky meets the earth's physical. In the remaining 2%, we could also give equation reason Drake. Considering a number of factors and the announcement of the Lockheed SR-72 for the first operational flight fixed to 2018, it seems reasonable to assume that this is indeed the Aurora.

The main advantage is the SR-72 "persistent reconnaissance." Invisible to radar (most of them), you could fly deep into enemy airspace and would bypass the problem of satellites, confined from their orbits. If armed, the SR-72 could hit any target on the planet in 90 minutes. One wonders, though, the real cost of an operating fleet considering alternatives. The first and probably the most realistic would be to arm submarines with hypersonic missiles.

(Photo: Lockheed Martin)



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