Dec 6, 2018

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What does 5D, SUPER GOOD NEWS mean, how the Fake Elite shot herself in the foot.

December 5, 5 Dimension, Burial Bush Sr, Release of FISA documents, Unsealing of over 63.322 charges.

Beginning of mass Arrests According to Q, the marines would arrest 63,322 Global Elites on December 5, Starting the R.D. (revaluation of global currency), announcement GESARA.

Destruction of the EU thanks the Marrakech Pact by the end of the Schengen agreement by countries that do not sign this agreement.

Beginning of the end for the ECB, by the collapse of the EURO.

Re-implementation of own sovereign currencies nationally as well as locally possible, as this value is covered by the global funds.

The super-fast decline of the globalists, end of the UN, Nato.

A New Money System without central banks, worth covered money for the whole world.

Migration need is thus eliminated, end global poverty.

Refugees and migrants can return to their own countries of origin as all wars will stop.

Any attempt to oppress people will be punished with exclusion from the new money system.

By the collapse of the global scholarships, the Elite is expropriated, and the QFS is activated.

Funds will be released for employment projects.

Rethinking all existing religion, these have only caused division, hatred, crimes against humanity.

End of control states, ban on 5G communication, on coercion of claims.

Setting up a whole new Democratic system to combat the former crime against own people, restore sovereignty to all states worldwide.

Through referendum local government, which passes orders on to an overarching executive government, which can always be replaced immediately in the event of non-execution of Direct Democracy.

Existing cartel political parties are excluded from future governance, thus putting an end to political correctness and corruption.

Restoring self-esteem and standards for own people, see who cannot be happy about it back to country of origin, OWN PEOPLE FIRST.

Kind Regards,
Rinus Verhagen.

Source: Operation Disclosure

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