Nov 15, 2018

Who Needs Light | Nov 15, 2018 | ~ 111 Messages: Ignite The Transition! ~ | .. (Archangel Michael for the Council of Light) -- #15 Heal Harshness: The Everlasting Cure for Your Broken Heart .. | Blogger: πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰... I do recognize many truthseekers and Lightworkers consider Kathryn E. May as hoax and scam artist with self centered attitude, however besides her high price tag workshop retreats etc. I do personally find her transcribed messages uplifting and liberating, truth or not. You decide, you be the judge... The day when heads of the 13 families surrender (incl. Banksters Rothchilds), will be the end of Cabal, fear will disappear and freedom for GAIA... |

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Harshness has become a weapon, but why is that even possible?When you are feeling balanced, happy, in love, healthy... and someone is harsh towards you or around you, you are able to respond with patience, kindness, humour, understanding. Your true nature, your essence is Goodness, so why do you still so often recoil and react in unappealing ways to harshness?

Harshness is the unavoidable result and residue of eons of collective and personal torture and suffering. You have endured immeasurable pain both as a "perpetrator" and as a "victim." It's not only reasonable or even expected that harshness of any kind would make you bristle and bleed within - it is inescapable.

Reacting to harshness, coping with harshness, being harsh are not character flaws. It is too reductive to say that harshness is the personal fault of weakness, rage, victimhood, arrogance or domination. Harshness has been unavoidable. Now is the time and the Light to heal it.

How to heal? Contemplate harshness through fresh eyes. Consider harshness as a reflection. Be willing to ask yourself earnestly: "Hmmm, why is this harsh condition, why are these harsh feelings presenting in my life right now?" Resist indulging in blame either of yourself or of others. Instead, investigate the harshness using the Light of love as your illuminating lamp.

Long ago, when time was stretched out into a line, what happened is that humanity began to experience the consequences of their personal choices in a delayed manner. People could no longer identify which of their choices and behaviours were responsible for which parts of their arising reality.

This phenomenon changed the world. They would think, feel, say, dream or do something yet the full measure of the results of their creation would not be felt/perceived/experienced until they had moved slowly so far down the timeline that it would be nearly impossible for them to match their choices with the corresponding outcomes. This legacy has skewed reality and your perception of it.

Now that time has returned to a spiral, a vortex, you are experiencing a more direct and immediate realization and reflection of your current choices and their repercussions. You are also simultaneously dealing with the previously delayed consequences of your creations and mis-creations.

It's as though you're standing in the middle of the avalanche of the enormous release of your formerly unresolved consequences. The balancing of your long ago decisions and actions and their consequences are no longer able to be delayed.

What to do? Turn harshness from an acrid experience into a useful indicator. Train yourself to take harshness less personally. Decide NOT to be harmed by harshness. Don't allow harshness to be a weapon or a festering wound.

Every time harshness disrupts your peace become the wise soul you are by using harshness to spotlight where healing's balm is still needed in you and in your reality. Be curious about why this reflection of harshness is squeezing you in some way. Sleuth out what human pain, what remnants of torture - of self or of others - is presenting.

Realize with the thrill of victory that every morsel of pain and harshness that presents in the Light of this new day is able to be healed now and forevermore. You can actually use harshness to help set yourself free.

When you use harshness as an indicator as to where compassionate healing is needed, then the healing will come. It will be immediate, instantaneous and immense with no process needed.

Be gentle.
Be careful not to fight yourself.
You have had a broken heart for a very long time.

To be triumphant, you will need to ready yourself to give up the entitlements that come with a broken heart. Perhaps we could do it together? When you are ready, call upon me, and together we will wield the mighty sword of discernment, cutting away what no longer serves you. I would be honoured.

Serving alongside you,

I Am Archangel Michael