Nov 18, 2018 \\ | Nov 18, 2018 | ~ Transmute Toxic Chemtrails with Prayers, Visualizations, and I AM Affirmations of Light! ~ | .. As your Archangel Michael, I am come this day with a dispensation from the Lord . .. . that if you sing and pray each day to me, giving your calls, your fiats, your invocations with the fullness of your heart and ask that my legions soar through the heavens, we will intercede in regard to the diabolical manifestation known as chemtrailing that you have seen in the heavens, blessed ones. Truly, the powers of man are no match for the powers of God when his legions of light answer the call of mankind ..(..).. | Blogger: [🌞Started out as a lovely day of Sunshine and happiness, turned out to be the must ugly Chemtraling danish rain ever 🌫️] ... We know for at fact, that Chemtrails, Sun simulator and other DARPA programs, hides Nibiru, the Artificial Moon and stops Tachyonic Particles with Solar Energetic Protons from entering humans and all living life, on Earth... |!/tabid/1048/Default.aspx

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