Nov 16, 2018

Steve Nobel | Nov 16, 2018 | ~ Affirmations: I Am a Clear and Pure Channel for the Light ~ | .. Affirmations are a wonderful way to reprogram your unconscious mind. They help to release old 3D habitual thought patterns and open you to new possibilities of being and doing .. | Blogger: [πŸ™ŒI Am the Soul. I Am Divine Light. I Am Divine Will. I Am Divine Love. I Am fixed design by me, the Soul.. As never before, that I AM NOW, and so it IS, I AM the LIGHT, the light I AMπŸ™] ... Thanks again for yet another great SN's affirmation video ... |

"I am a clear and pure channel for the light. I open to a higher light. This light is the essence of my divinity. I am light within a body of matter. I surrender to the light, this higher light. This light of pure spirit, of source energy, this light of my Higher Self. The light that vibrates within, that vibrates at a higher frequency of joy and love. I am light. I embrace light so I can express light. I shine my light brightly. I do not attempt to hide my light. Light dissolves all resistance to being one with light...."