Nov 8, 2018

🔴 RT | Nov 8, 2018 CET | ~ 12 people killed & multiple injured in shooting rampage in California. ‘He shot a lot, at least 30 times’: Borderline Bar attack witnesses recall terrifying ordeal ~ | .. At least twelve people, including an officer, have been killed after a gunman went on a shooting spree in a packed bar in Thousand Oaks, California. The suspect is also dead, police announced .. | Blogger: [🏴‍☠️Like Illegal Immigration False Flag to Hoax American Shootings! Hoax, False Flag, Crisis Actors, Deep State and False Reality🏴‍☠️] ... (COULD IT BE YET ANOTHER FF? LOOK AT HIS GUY FALSE CRYING ATTEMPT IN THE VIDEO. FALSE OR REAL?) .. False Flag is a term used to describe an action of deception (of which outcome) is designed to achieve an intended (targeted) result .. |

Screenshots from video / courtesy ABC News; Screenshot from video / courtesy ABC7