Oct 7, 2018

Verdensalt.dk | Oct 7, 2018 | ~ Ole Dammegaard - Copenhagen Special Event Lecture - Light On Conspiracies ~ | Blogger: πŸ’‘A event took place today at a non disclosed location... Among the small audience, a few JFK21 members attended and other interested danish enlighten people, including SoTR's.. For today's discussion Ole walked us through the assassination of Martin Luther King and how his research indicates that MLK did not die on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel on April 4, 1968 among many other interesting topics... Ole Dammegaard and his 2 other partners has been under heavily attack and lost 70GB of data storage by a sophisticated hacking operation, so it seems. The outcome has limited him and his group, a setback of 10 month of hard work. Similar to Truthstream Media (Aaron Dykes and Melissa Dykes, i think it was) .. Many other details was disclosed, which i will not reveal here. Ole also talked about his meet-up by chance, David Icke's manager, and their talk, and some of us in the audience, speculated there's a reason, why nobody, has received any digital tickets for 12th October 2018 show - Copenhagen - Everything You Need To Know... I think Ole's intention was to give Cody Snodgres a call, under the session, but I (verdensalt) had to leave, the party... πŸ’­PS: Please donate to Ole Dammegaard, so he's able to spread the truth and light, on his tour and to kick-start his homepage and backup systems... |