Oct 22, 2018

Verdensalt.dk | Archive | Vafo.dk | 3. Sept 2018 - Oct 22, 2018 | ~ Fisker og bager fra Irak kræver penge af dansk militær ~ | (In english:) A Fishermen, a baker and a third person from Iraq demand reimbursements from Danish military, but they refused ... In another case: (UPDATE:) -- Joy and satisfaction of two attorneys leading the trial of operation Green Desert in Iraq of 2004. 18 Iraqis have been given a reimbursement of 30,000 kroner each. The Danish military was in charge of the fact that they were beaten and kicked by the Iraqi authorities, according to the danish High Court .. | Blogger: [🏴‍☠️False Flag 9/11 Which Let To The False Iraq War. The Gulf War Did Not (not really) Take Place - La Guerre du Golfe n'a pas eu lieu💣] ... (The coalition - multi-national force – Iraq - military operations of the Iraq War and after US Operation Red Dawn, which led to the capture of the capture of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein) ... In capture operations in 2003 and 2006, conducted by danish (british, US) forces, several cases has been brought up by Iraqis, in particular three iraqis, in which, one of Denmark's two High Courts, has to decide whether they have raised the claim to the Ministry of Defense, to late... (Yet another Iraqi 'black ops' scandal is proceeding in Denmark, trying to force the Danish Ministry of Defense, to take some sought of responsible, in these days) .. First is was Operation Green Desert i 2004, now Operations Foxhound and Darlington (in which the government, most likely, will win) ... A baker, a fisherman and a third party, each asking for (the smallest demand possible, for mistreatment) DKK 50.001, but the Ministry of Defense asks the judges, to reject the claims 🙁 The Iraqi lawyer does not agree at all, about the late claims and compensations from UK, he says to the three country judges, Monday morning. 'The British were responsible for a lengthy detention, whereas Danish soldiers are responsible for """detention and abuse in connection with this"""", according to the lawyer '. One of the two iraqis that has received a (minor) reimbursement from British military has also been reported, that he has received a box of chocolate and an informal 'apology' from Danish soldiers, stated Christian F. Jensen, the lawyer in a document to the court.. |

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Tortursager for de danske domstole

D. 13. september 2011 blev det danske Forsvarsministerium stævnet i den første retssag om danske militære styrkers ansvar for, at der under operation ”Green Desert” d. 25. november 2004  under dansk ledelse og deltagelse blev foretaget særdeles hårdhændet tilfangetagelse af civile sunni-irakere, der blev overgivet til det irakiske shiitiske politi, uanset at dette af danskerne var kendt for at anvende tortur i vidt omfang. Her kan retssagernes dokumenter læses, og film optaget af danske styrker under operationen kan gennemses.

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