Oct 28, 2018

USGS \\ Romania-insider | Oct 28, 2018 | ~ M 5.5 - 16km SE of Comandau, Romania ~ | .. A strong earthquake took place in Romania on the night of Saturday to Sunday, at around 3:30. The earthquake occurred in the Vrancea seismic area at a depth of around 150 kilometers and had an intensity of 5.8 degrees on the Richter scale, according to official data from the National Institute for Earth Physics. No damages were recorded in Bucharest, according to the Emergency Situations Department. However, """many people suffered panic attacks""" .. | Blogger: [🌈I don't believe in coincidences, but i have no conclusions, only fact checking info🌋] ... (SC today, minor activity started at 3 am UTC but has crown much stronger as indicated of white masses up to 16 Hz until 9:00 and has not stopped) ... 💭Eyewitnesses accounts from ground zero in the city center, told me, that the earthquake that toke place was EXACTLY, when daylight saving time changed... Last night i posted a new GAIAN EYE video of extreme significance in one of my group chats, seconds after, my internet service was cut of, and i couldn't login to my backup computer... Oh... you might say, it's just a freak coincidence, a supernatural phenomenal ... Maybe... Back to Bucharest, i''ll been so lucky traveling to places and cites around the world, had some bad attachments in Ukraine, Odessa, which is a dark, dark place... One of the best cities in Eastern Europe, so says TripAdvisor and they could be right...💟 But, the negative energy that's emitting from Bucharest, is actually the worst kind of dark energy, but I will not dwell into or take you down the rabbit hole (Nazi, Swastika, Masonic Hexagram, Lucifer Eliphas Levi Pentagram, spiderwebs etc.) ... 💡PS: Just remember there's many, many things you can do to dislodging negative entity attachments and avoiding stressful mass populated areas... Use spiritual soul contracts revocation every day, I AM presence affirmations, implants clearing, higher self or other transmissions, degree mediation, detox and live healthy, surrender to the guidance of pure light, of the Source and the pure light beings, learn how to be fearless in your everyday life, go an hug a tree in the forest, stay with higher frequent people, ask for - and receive - cosmic guidance etc. etc ... 🙏... |

READ MORE: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us1000hi43/executive