Oct 21, 2018

MATT ROGERS | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ RE - UPLOAD VIDEO OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE SEEN ~ | Blogger: ".. Before the climatology scam began, the CIA wrote a memorandum named “Climate Control“. Unter the conditions of post WWII and ongoing cold war. After 20 years of research the development and usage of climate control methods was proposed and the official implementation started with this memorandum. . The paper reveals not only the intention of global water grabbing (GWG) for desert farming and climate control as WMD of “Goephysical Warfare“, but climate control as the main reason for the development of nuclear energy! . According to this paper the nuclear power plants are proposed as the source of magnitude energy, required for climate control! . Definitely, climate control is the backbone of BPMED (Bankster Pervert Military Empire of Deception)! Just to give the monster a descriptive name .." (VT Today: CIA 1960: Memorandum for Climate Control) ... |