Oct 14, 2018

dailygalaxy | Oct 14, 2018 | ~ China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime” ~ | Blogger: [🔱Outside the CERN facility in Geneva, Switzerland, stands an idol of the Hindu deity Shiva, the “Destroyer”, or who we know from Greco-Roman myth as Kronos/Saturn. The deity was a god of both light and darkness; called Osiris in Egypt, his brother Set merely representing Osiris’ dark side—two aspects of a single being. The same pattern of light/dark duality is found in the Zoroastrian deities Ahura-mazda and Angra Mainyu; and in Sanskrit writings, Vishnu and Shiva. CERN and the Imposter God. How CERN is trying to connect with dark entities within the 4th dimension barrier. Will China accomplish what CERN couldn't?👋] ... |

China is building a particle accelerator that will be twice as large and seven times as powerful as CERN’s LHC and astrophysicist, Martin Rees, famous for his contributions to black hole formation to extragalactic radio sources and the evolution of the universe, thinks that there’s a chance the colliders could cause a “catastrophe that engulfs space itself”.

Contrary to popular perception, the vacuum of space is not an empty void. The vacuum, Rees states, has in it “all the forces and particles that govern the physical world.” And he adds, it’s possible that the vacuum we can observe is in reality “fragile and unstable.”

What means is that when a collider such as CERN’s LHC creates unimaginably concentrated energy by smashing particles together, Rees says, it can create a “phase transition” which would tear asunder the fabric of space,” which cause a cosmic calamity not just a terrestrial one.”

The possibility is that quarks would reassemble themselves into compressed objects called strangelets. That in itself would be harmless. However under some hypotheses a strangelet could, by contagion, convert anything else it encounters into a new form of matter, transforming the entire earth in a hyperdense sphere about one hundred meters across –the size of a soccer field.