Oct 5, 2018

DAHBOO777 | Oct 5, 2018 | ~ Why Is The Media Telling Us That A Massive West Coast Tsunami "Might Hit Without Warning" ? ~ | Blogger: The benevolent Galactic Federation of Light (aka The Galactic Brotherhood Connection). An association of over 400,000 benevolent star nations with headquarters located in the Vega solar system in the constellation of Lyra, would never allow the destruction of Earth. Yes - Mother Gaia is fastly shifting or preparing for transformation to 5D and that means extreme weather, unsettlement and heating up Earth core .. |

Could you imagine the immense devastation that would take place if a giant wall of water 80 feet high slammed into the west coast of the United States? It may not happen today or tomorrow, but scientists assure us that it will definitely happen one day, and at this point we are completely and utterly unprepared for such a disaster. The “Ring of Fire” is becoming increasingly active in 2018, and the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that just struck Indonesia is now above 1,300. And we all remember the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people. Now we are being told that something like that could happen on our side of the Pacific Ocean, and the mainstream media is even warning us that a giant tsunami could slam into the west coast “without warning”. Should we take such a statement seriously?

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