Oct 9, 2018

COBRA | Oct 9, 2018 | ~ The Plan ~ | Blogger: [↪️Your mission John/Jane Doe, should you choose/decide to accept it↩️] ... (A Uplifting Coded Message From COBRA 🕺❤️💃🏽🤳 Dancing all morning to this video transmission ... VOTL) ... Sooo tell me, what is YOUR mission? Still living solid in the egocentric 3D Matrix of Illusion or have you seen a "glitch" in the Matrix!? And want to break free?... My mission (verdensalt) is to be a messenger of TRUTH. The Truth is Out There... and it Hurts... Be a healer, a mission of peace and awakening the humanity... Be the balance between male and female energy... Be the purifier of conditional love... and so much more... 💡PS: And anyone who’s invested time into what happened to DJ Tim Bergling a.k.a. Avicii dead, knows, there was evidence of foul play, like all the recent celebs who died from ‘hanging from doorknobs”.... but fear attracts fear and joy attracts joy... Let's keep the energy and frequency high... 💡PSS: Q always says " trust the plan". Similar to the same plan Cobra talked about in his latest major post. If you listen to the lyrics it says " Don't you worry child" and " Wake me up when it's all over"... The EVENT is NOW!... 👊☮️🙏... |

Swedish House Mafia vs. Avicii - Don't You Worry Child vs. Wake Me up (Axwell /\ Ingrosso Mashup)