Oct 12, 2018

Ascension Path with Sandra Walter | Oct 12, 2018 | ~ Hearts up for our Weekend Influx - Solaris is connected ~ |

Preparation for our October Trajectory

The latest energetic shift is a strong one. The drop-off of energetic support for negative realities at the end of September opens us to the higher frequency force of the Christed timelines, New Earth and higher positive trajectories.

This means the uncomplimentary parts of ourselves get cleared just as strongly as larger uncomplimentary operations. Let the light reveal what serves your journey, and what does not.

Our next influx is October 13 -16. Solaris is already responding.

Yesterday's gate opening was strong, and today our Gateway SUNspot appeared. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, anyone in service; Let us unify and focus on the pure heart-SUN connection, DNA reconnection and opening the bridges to the New Earth realms for all willing hearts.

Focus on the unification of positive consciousness, rather than the dissolvement of negative constructs. Distortion gets cleared, and most of it kicks and screams on the way out. It is what it is, try not to judge, energize or give the lower illusion more power. Choose the higher priority of peace.

As always, don’t watch the old realities burn, create the new. Higher vibrations have more influence; use it to create the new with as much ease and grace as possible.

Embodiment Series: Parts I, II & III

A beautiful video on the Embodiment series will come out next week. I AM focusing on our current experiences of the Christed state, crystalline DNA, and the transformational passage through January. A deep understanding of the Solar flash - heart center - Unity consciousness connection may assist the tribe with balance and activation.

Kindwhile, let us unify for this Gateway passage.

October 13 - 16 are still presenting as the Gateway. Please join us for our global mass meditations on SUNday, October 14th. Note the added time of 5:11AM PDT. Details on the Unity Meditation image and link below.

This is a powerful step in our Mastery. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,