Sep 21, 2018 | Sept 21, 2018 | ~ Out of office - Going completely off the grid. Back next week ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘›2 Donation Buttons Added. BTC & PayPal. If You Feel So Guided Or It Resonate With You. Much love & Light. Thanks πŸ’œ] ... Soon 13.000 blog posts, since 2014 when i started. Yes, over 10.000 posts and if it resonate with you, use my SEARCH button or TRANSLATOR... Now, a SSL friendly site and no more performance issues .... ❔Who am I: Lightworker, truth-seeking debater, masculine conspirateur untamed truth-oracle, awakening soul, spiritual advisor. I am no fortune-teller, but I can 'spot bullshit from a blimp in a fog storm!'. Self-driven-awake-soul who has always had a feeling, there is more than meets the eye and life offers. Awaken to some insight or opened my consciousness that's greater than myself to bring the message to others who wish to receive it... TRUTH is ONLY what you perceive in YOUR OWN SPACE. The person sitting NEXT to YOU, might have a different OPINION and should NOT be FORCED upon. EVERYONE have FREE WILL and having their own SPIRITUAL AWAKENING EXPER- IENCE. In other WORDS, STICK to the INNER TRUTH from your HIGHER SELF, that will always LEAD YOU STRAIGHT home... πŸ’­ PS: I never posted anything that has not been researched and resonated with me. That means, all videos and articles has been skim through and sometimes read, studied and understood carefully. Yes i'm a follower of many highly spiritually people (not so many in Denmark, don't ask me why) and commenting on stuff sometimes, but hosting a serious blog is a full time job and i don't get paid a dime. It's all for you guys out there.. Always use your own spiritual discernment.. Research, Research, Research! .. Stay tuned! and thanks for reading on my blog... πŸ™‡ PS: Why donate!? I'm a spiritual independent soul, with no income, since 2018. Fulford reports cost money, Alex Collier Andromeda Contactee Webinars and other webinars, cost money. Travel to expensive Military, UFO and Spiritual Growth Conferences, cost money. Still paying taxes and living in one of the MOST expensive countries in the world. Everything is shared, for free on, no google adsense or anything, that makes me rich, in any way... Namaste!πŸ™πŸ’Ÿ.. |