Sep 21, 2018

🔴Israeli News Live | Sep 21, 2018 | ~ Israel Moves to DEFCON 3 While Battle Fronts Set in Syria and Ukraine ~ | .. Russia begins drills in the Mediterranean closes all air-traffic and Ukraine is seeing troops moving into place from all sides. Turkey to moves in mass forces in a showdown to topple A ... | Blogger: [⚠️Operation Gladio or other clandestine "stay-behind" operations, once again!? Several False Flag shootings done by womans at Rite Aid center and other places, must be staged. The new thing is that woman not men appears to be the bad guys, lone gunmen running the same fake template of delusion⚠️] ... PS: Of course this is serious!... Military just love this fear and warmongering agenda!... Lets remove this threat and all negativity in these areas with prayers and healing love... The deep state / shadow government / dark cabal rulers are NOT going to win... 🙏 |