Sep 26, 2018

Secureteam10 \\ The Giza Death Star | Sep 26, 2018 | ~ NONE Of This Makes Sense ~ | ~ MORE ON THE SUNSPOT OBSERVATORY CLOSURE, PART ONE & PART TWO ~ | .. Yesterday I updated the Sunspot, New Mexico observatory closure with some more articles, all of which are questioning the emergent child porno- graphy narrative. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not entirely dismissive of that story, and I hope to clarify today why I am not, and why I still think that the child porno- graphy story is a cover story. Basically, I strongly suspect that the child porn story is a cover story, a convenient "crisis of opportunity" that allowed the raid to occur. My basic theory has been that the observatory's communications network was "piggy-backed" by another entity in some sort of private or covert communications network. Certainly, if the child porn story is true, this might have formed one component of a communications network in a network of such activity - child sex slavery, organ harvesting and so on - that by any accounts appears to be a global phenomenon. The global extent of the activities in turn requires a global communications capability of a covert nature. Additionally, under President Trump's Executive Order of December of 2017, such activities are defined as a national security threat, and as a conse- quence, the FBI's otherwise strange involvement in this case would be under- standable. The contraindication here is that the FBI hasn't exactly appeared to be on the "side" of Mr. Trump in recent months .. |

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