Sep 26, 2018

Bugg Zodiac | Sep 26, 2018 | ~ Study Fasting for 72 Hours can Regenerate the Entire Immune System of Humans! ~ | .. A team of researchers at the University of Southern California have revealed that fasting for three days is enough to regenerate the entire human immune system for a healthy living. They described the study as “remarkable and a major breakthrough” in finding ways to boost the immune system naturally. Many nutritionists used to criticize the fasting diets for being unhealthy. But, this recent American study suggests that fasting and starving the body basically stimulates the production of new white blood cells, which fight infection. As the researchers explain, this discovery might be especially beneficial for those whose immune systems are damaged, such as cancer patients on chemotherapy. Elderly individuals are said to benefit from it, too. As people grow older, their immune system weakens, which makes it more difficult for them to combat common diseases. According to this study, fasting helps older people regenerate their immune system and get it back on track. Fasting for three days also protects cancer patients against the toxic effect of chemotherapy. While chemotherapy is supposed to help save lives, and despite the fact that it does so, it also causes a wide range of adverse effects and damages the immune system. This study has shown that fasting might mitigate some of the detrimental effects of chemotherapy. Specifically, the researchers noted that fasting “flips a regenerative switch” that causes the stem cells to create new white blood cells, which in turn regenerates the entire immune system. Valter Longo, the researcher of the study and a professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences at the University of California stated that this study basically proved that fasting could go a long way in helping the body regenerate the immune system by producing new cells .. |