Aug 31, 2018

In Our World | Aug 31, 2018 | ~ Raniere's NXIVM: Cult or Clinton,Bronfman Child Traffickers ~ | .. ( In Our World:) - Hey Everyone! My goal is to help share important news, to teach about living healthy and nature, to analyze problems in the world, and to figure what we can do about them as individuals and groups. I like to analyze a wide variety of information in order to get to the truth, or close to it. So with this truth we may journey further down the rabbit hole together, teaching and uniting as many people with practical solutions and hope to solve our problems. We can all enjoy life better, together, In Our World.. | Blogger: [Mum's the word 🤫This is the real deal folks! The NXIVM-Cult is REAL and so is Journalist, David Seaman, reporting about it and 'In Our World'👍 EVERY, B-list actors and actresses, is a either a recruiter of the NXIVM Cult or recruiters of the secret cult, ABOVE, NXIVM. Yes, the Archons and power elites has an agenda!... O-M-G! Sickening🤢] ... (Gérard Depardieu Accused Of Rape In France; Actor’s Lawyer Denies Claims) ... This young american dude, is awesome. He's like a new cloned Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion. Still a 'unknown' youtuber, but bring up stuff, we all need to listen too... Thanks for exposing NXIVM. The canadian/american actors delight, who are recruiters of the #GlobalPedoGate Hollywood sex cults, sold children to Cabals & Clinton's satanism and witchcraft luciferian lifestyle. They MUST be stopped, even if people do not want to hear about these things... 🚩 PS: (don't kill the messenger) -- Denmark, has put an end to another occultist figure, “Rocket” Madsen who's formally charged with murder of Kim Wall aboard his sub, and member of COPENHELL (so was Kim Wall, people claims). Some even say, that CopenHell, a heavy metal festival in Denmark, which ('also') attracts occultist luciferianism and nazisupporters of the worst kind. Some also say, that Peter Madsen, had associations to or knew people within the inner circle of Danish Order of Freemasons (Den Danske Frimurerorden) and that was the REAL reason, they wanted to lock him up, FOREVER AND EVER (too many secrets - similar to Anders Behring Breivik manifesto & Knights Templar).... BUT BUT BUT... THAT'S JUST HEARSAY AND RUMORS - not trying to LINK Copenhell to Kim Wall, NXIVM or the fact, Kim's father worked as a freelance photographer for Google, and she was painted her face in white, corpse-like or Geishas Painted on her social media account (now deleted)... But there's sooooo much stuff going on, you have nooo idea... Do you really still think that 'The 2011 Norway attacks' & '2015 Copenhagen shootings' didn't have some False Flag elements in it (I do)... BY THE WAY -- did you know, during Peter Madsen's murder trial, the inventor wrote blog posts about stabbing women!? 'A female witness who testified “behind closed doors” said that Madsen had sent her a link to a post he had written titled Himmel og Helvede, or “Heaven and Hell”, which he described as “an entrance to my head”, reports Sky News’s Julie Thomsen' ( One of the greatest video's about Peter Madsen was called "..Er Raket Madsen en satanisk morder eller er der en større konspiration bag.." - now censored... |

NXIVM is not a one off cult but one of many child trafficking rings used by the creatures of Jekyll Island to entrap their slaves and torture children. The Media has barely touched the actually charges. This is the big-lie theory, they tell us about Stormy Daniels but Not Jefrey Epstein, they tell us Keith Ranierre enslaved women but not children, the court DOCs show he was enslaving children as well they won't touch it because as soon as the people know, its all over.


Artvoice | April 6, 2018 | ~ TV Actresses Grace Park, Nicki Clyne, Kristin Kreuk were active in NXIVM Cult – now busted for branding and blackmailing women ~ | .. Vice [Vice,com] reporting in a story titled “All the Vancouver Actresses Linked to an Alleged Sex Cult” names Grace Park, Nicki Clyne, and Kristin Kreuk as active students of Raniere’s NXIVM cult .. | Blogger: [This is the real deal folks! The NXIVM-Cult is REAL and so is Journalist, David Seaman] ... According to David Seaman, the backbone of "illuminati banksters" and the imminent takedown with over 20,000 sealed indictments, includes the royal family, celebrities, politicians etc. Proof would be, that the secretive group’s leader charged with sex-trafficking, Keith Raniere, co-founder of the canadian group called Nxivm, was arrested in Mexico and returned to Texas, end of March 2018, authorities said. David Seaman is actually saying, that, EVERY, B-list actors and actresses, is a either a recruiter of the NXIVM Cult or recruiters of the secret cult above NXIVM. Other people is unfortunately 'child procures' for these elites, and enforcers of MS-13 (deadly MS-13 gang) during the Obama administration, acc. to David Seaman, In other words, Bush/Clinton/Obama cartel used L.A. inspired deadly MS-13 gangs as their own Assassin Hit Squad ...(O-M-G! Sickening🤢) ... |



Allison Mack, 35, is reportedly second in command of a secret sex cult at the heart of self-help group NXIVM.

- NXIVM, founded by Keith Raniere brands itself as a self-help group, but former members have said it's really a cult. 

- A former star of the hit series Smallville has been identified as a high-ranking member of a sex cult. 

Last month, the New York Times broke the story about a secret sorority that brands women, puts them on starvation diets and beats them if they don't recruit enough 'slaves'.