Jul 14, 2018

Jason A World News | Jul 14, 2018 | ~ America: Something is Very Wrong! ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘±‍♀️LUCY - Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) talks about using more than 10% of the brain. Pseudoscience alert. Pierre Del Rio: What happens when she reaches 100%? 🧠] ... (37.2 Trillion: Galaxies or Human Cells or Brain Cells? ) ... Verdensalt.dk - let me answer that for you Mr. Professor Norman: ONE thing for sure, if humans were able to use their junk-DNA, activated the Pineal gland and detoxified our body, mind and soul, we would NEVER allow the pharmaceutical mafia, to give us low-frequency medicine, prozac and metal nanoparticle contaminated vaccines.. We would NOT allow, our 'rulers' access to our private life, dictate our lifestyle and poison our food. Said NO, to AI, robotics, and automation. We would set us free from dictatorship and political power-lust. Greed, power, prestige and money, would no longer exist as traditional values, has exploited through thousands of years. Set us free for forced reincarnation on prison planet Earth and NOT allow FEAR to control us, at ALL TIMES... |

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