Jun 17, 2018

TALES FROM OUT THERE | June 17, 2018 | ~ Leaked Image of Barack Obama Dressed as Satan Goes Viral ~ | Blogger: 🤫🖖🤘 Seems that no evidence of image manipulation, photoshopping, internet's TinEye, technicians filters to alter images, proofs any foul play was committed ... hmmm ... Former President Barack Obama is well know i many circles as the 'hidden hand' with accomplices like Bush/Clinton families etc... Some even say, that Barack Obama Is A HOMOSEXUAL! And Michelle Obama Is A MAN.. Is Barack Obama's birth certificate a forgery? .. In the SSP communities, they claims, that CIA groom Obama & Basiago as future Presidents with Jump Room to Mars, back in the summer of 1980 ... Who knows... PS: there's no doubt, that Artur Davis, former prominent Obama backer, shows on this pictures ... |

A disturbing image of former President Barack Obama dressed as Satan has
 emerged online.