Jun 6, 2018

Rebecca Campbell | Aug 5, 2015 | ~ Letter To A Lightworker ~ |


▵ Letter to a Lightworker▵

I believe that you came into this life with a deep inner knowing of what you are here to do and an inner guidance system to make it happen. I'm not talking about a carefully laid out path which comes with an instruction manual, rather an unshakable deep seeded knowing that you're here for a reason, there is serious work to do and The Universe will support you in doing it. I believe until you answer this calling you will always feel like there is something missing and something you have forgotten. No matter what you use to numb it out, it will be there. The only way to stop the calling is to answer it. I believe that your message is so deeply engrained in you that sometimes it's hard to realise that everyone else doesn't think like you. They don't. I believe you chose your parents. No matter how hard or soft, rich or poor, light or dark, old or young, present or not, kind or troubled – you chose them. And with this simple selection you were put in exactly the right place and given exactly what you need to inspire you to rise up, to rise up into yourself, to rise up into your highest most authentic self. To take your position. I believe that your tragedies, your losses, your sorrows, your hurt happened for you not to you. And I bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open. I believe that life lessons are less about getting it right and more about getting it wrong.

I believe that you are more on track than you feel, even if you don't feel it – especially if you don't feel it. For the further you get off track, the closer you actually are to abandoning the wrong path and leaping over to the right one. I believe that you are closer than you think and more qualified in your message than you could ever fathom. I believe that the things that you are here to teach are the very things that you most need to learn, and that the best teachers are the ones that struggle the most because when they get it they get it with a triple smack down. I believe that the darkness is a birthing process and that in order to find your light first you need to venture through the shadows of your ego. I believe that in order to be a light in the world you first need to come home to who you truly are and then bravely show it to all those around you. I believe that you are surrounded by your own personal team of angels, guides and teachers both in this world and beyond that are so completely devoted to your growth that if you knew, you would not spend one more day worrying about things working out. And if you could see things from their viewpoint... each time you'd see a challenge, you would meet it with a cheer. I believe that when you share your soul's voice you harmonise the planet just a little bit more. I believe in you. And us. And all of this. And so it is.' Words by Rebecca Campbell as featured in www.lightisthenewblack.com Footage and editing by Shaun Richards.

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