Jun 24, 2018

Leak Project \\ OOM2 \\ SITSSHOW \\ US Patents | June 24, 2018 | ~ This is the Patent for a Human Teleportation Machine ~ | Blogger: [🌌The human chakras, pineal gland and vortexes, is actually linked up to this US patent👨‍💻]... (we know for a fact, 'Unhackable' internet breakthrough as scientists develop new quantum teleportation test to prevent 'eavesdropping' & Scientists say human teleportation is 'possible' as they transfer atoms three metres in groundbreaking experiment) ...Beam me up: Transporter (Star Trek🎦) ... Yes, perhaps i'm weird and crazy, believing in The Three "T's" - Telepathy, Teleportation, and Telekinesis... Verdensalt.dk is perhaps the only danish news site, who has deeper knowledge or let's say, advanced myself, to get intel on the Secret Space Programs - the most advanced and sophisticated technology apparatus, any human (outside the top secret restricted, military–industrial complex) have not yet seen... You would not believe with your own eyes, how these sci-fi US Patents are listed on Google, in plane sight. Like, Geoengineering and Weather Modification Patents. HAARP, CIA mind-control, A.I. and much more advanced stuff... Before you go out and buy this Human Teleportation Machine or Keshe Plasma Generator or rewatch the movie, Stargate - 6000 US patents are still a secret and suppressed technologies (including Free Energy Devices, Antigravity, Sonic Healing Machines). Free energy suppression (or new energy suppression) is a conspiracy theory that technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are being suppressed by government, corporations, or advocacy groups. Devices allegedly suppressed include perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators, torus-based generators, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and other generally unproven, low-cost energy sources... 💬 PS: Two whistleblowers, both formerly involved in secret research and development projects undertaken by US defense agencies, have independently verified their secret teleportation to US bases on Mars, and to meeting intelligent Martian extraterrestrial life (bibliotecapleyades.net) ... |

Check out this Conspiracy, Hyperspace Full Body Teleportation System Patent Filing, Fact or Fiction?
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