Jun 23, 2018

Before It's News \\ Bertrand Daily Report \\ ZeroHedge | June 23, 2018 | ~ Major RICO Lawsuit Filed Against Deep State….This Is the Beginning +Video ~ | Blogger: [🚨Filed Lawsuit -- #UNIVERSALCLEANUP: Rico Complaint Filed Against Clinton Foundation 1:18-cv-01422 by Fmr Secret Service Agent🚨] ... This is the REAL DEAL folks! ... |

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

The “ZeroHedge” article below does not give the full impact of what this latest 4D Chess move by the Trump Administration via a former Secret Service agent’s RICO (Civil) Lawsuit against the top players in the Clinton criminal cabal enterprise is meant to do.

Agent Gary Byrne and a team of lawyers have begun an extensive lawsuit, citing the infamous “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) suit against what some call the Democrat Deep State.”

This is NOT your ordinary / everyday frivolous lawsuit against the Clintons, but is meant to (possibly) keep intact any Statute of Limitation issues that might slide when the Grand Jury begins (soon) with indictments. What’s critical is the “Discovery” portion of any lawsuit that forces the defendant to bring forth documents and records.

The lawsuit cites nearly everything Americans are wanting adjudicated, including “Murder for Hire” by the Clintons and Seth Rich’s murder after Seth downloaded approximately 44,000 Clinton / Podesta emails and “sold the emails to WikiLeaks,” according to his parents initially (until Clinton’s hit team threatened the parents).

Donna Brazile, the former CNN and later DNC Chairperson has stated her “life was threatened” after she went rogue on Hillary Clinton.

The lawsuit is going after every operation of the Clinton’s enterprises, individually, along with several Far Left media outlets including George Soros and John Podesta.

The only drawback with this lawsuit is that Judge Paul L. Friedman is a Clinton appointee.

This of course might also be part of the 4D Chess game the administration is using in-order to force accountability and justice under the law.

The other aspect and strategy is to put the Clintons et al on the back burner for now and then (if) this lawsuit is successful under Civil Liability, would strip the Clintons and others in the lawsuit of all their bank accounts and property under the RICO Act.

However, it is my understanding the RICO Act can only be used in a Criminal Case, but never the less, if Agent Byrne gets a settlement for the death threats against himself reference the book he wrote about his service with the Clintons, and other claims in the lawsuit, the legal crisis alone for the Clintons will be enormous.

Once that happens….the Federal Prosecutors and the Grand Jury have a solid case that could result in TREASON against the United States. As an option….”Q-Anon” has stated several times, a Military Tribunal is also on the table.

President Trump has taken-off the gloves and things are beginning to happen. Agent Byrne needs to take every precaution necessary in-order to stay alive, because this lawsuit can and will be very damaging.

—-Dave Bertrand

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