Jan 8, 2018

Verdensalt | Archive | Daily Mail | June 14, 2017 - Jan 8, 2018 | (Update: 01/08/2018 -- David Icke - Grenfell Tower and the Power of the Heart Over Racism) | Towering inferno: Screaming residents build ropes from sheets and lean out windows as huge fire at West London tower block engulfs the 27-storey building with 200 firefighters struggling to control the blaze | Blogger: Great Fire of London - Very, very sad tragedy. All our hearts, donations and prayes go out to victims and injured people.. HOWEVER, you might wanna listen to this... A very, frustrated reporter from Right Side Broadcasting Network LIVE has covered the Lonon fire all night long and I'd heard him yelled out loud this morning, at 7.00 AM CET; 6.00 London time. ".. WHY hasn't any mainstream news outlets told us about casualties, any confirmations on death toll, or interviewing witnesses, any words on cause and when do they go into the building and actually rescue people??? No smoke alarms has gone of from the building when it happens (reporter gets lots of feeds and news from people). Why didn't any ceiling sprinklers going off? Many people says fire caused by new outside paint coatings and started on lower floors (some blaim the owner - fire hazard), so nobody knew on top floors? Why is its only one corner that caught fire and other corner has no damage? No knocks on the residents doors, only Police yelling FIRE, FIRE on some floors. NOBODY says it's terror, but how come a new building in 2017 is caught on fire and NOBODY is accouting for, only latest news indicates that 44 people taken to hospitals (but was it bystanders, people watching or victims?). Why is it, that socalled 'victims' that came out from the building are so clean on their clothes? Somone has sent the reporter a file on a ISIS magazine that warned about a fire in London. Another has sent a video where a man are waving, but cannot confirms its form the london fire. The reporter continues; Only social media videos that indicates people are screaming from the building to get out... NEWS just came in to the reporter: 'This man managed to escape from the 17th floor with his 68-year-old aunt. He told me how he got out #LatimerRoad pic.twitter.com/d4miXigfN3.' (not confimred, is he trustworthy??). Otherwise TOTALLY blackout and informations VERY SLOW from outlets, since it's started 5 hours ago.." says the reporter. He also ask: Why are the fire PICKING up again this morning? A reporter gets information that fire picking up due to plastic and wind going through the building and the tower will collapse. The fire brigade has already backed off at this time!! Ready for Collapse! Reporter VERY strange fire going on..(blogger: Lets hope they didnt use nanothermite since LOTS of burning debris falling off the tower NOW at 9.50 CET!!!!! ). Fire at Dubai skyscraper had no injuries reported. Tehran fire had 20 dead in Plasco building collapse. Will it be a collapse at London tower?... Check it out... 44 min ago - Fears burning London building could collapse with residents trapped inside (dunyanews.tv.) WHAT!!!! New 9/11? Todays date: 14/6 = 1+4+6=11 -- examples of Illuminati numerology... |

The entire block has been completely covered up by the massive flames on all sides with thick plumes of smoke filling the air
  • The blaze engulfed the 27-storey Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road in White City on Wednesday morning 
  • Horrifying pictures emerged on social media showing massive flames licking up the side of the block 
  • Desperate residents trapped high in the enormous residential tower were heard 'screaming' for help 
  • Police are evacuating panicked residents and two people are already being treated for smoke inhalation

David Icke - Grenfell Tower and the Power of the Heart Over Racism