Jan 22, 2018

ECETI News | from James Gilliland and ECETI Ranch | Jan 22, 2018 | ~ IMPORTANT information on Pedogate Normalization ~ |


Pedogate Normalization Plot Through Pizzagate Marketing Campaign Directed at Little Boys


“The repeated exposure of pedophilia-related symbols into the public lexicon causes a concurrent acceptance and masking of the subject matter in a person’s mind.”

-Justin Deschamps



Pedogate Normalization Plot Through Pizzagate Marketing Campaign Directed at Little Boys
(Teresa Yanaros) I recently did a news piece that uncovered a sinister plot by the negative global control constructs as pedophilia symbolism creeps its way into the collective consciousness through a merchandising campaign directed at little boys.
Next, I am pleased to announce that I’ve reached out to respected alternative media journalists for their commentary on this developing story.
(Collaboration by Jonathan Carty, Justin Deschamps, Conscious Optimist, and Teresa Yanaros)
Disclosure Community: Share this FAR and WIDE!!


What do we need to do as a community to stop this effort to normalize and seed pizza-themed/pedophilia-themed marketing into the collective consciousness?

Get Educated: Read the Podesta emails that demonstrate a sinister usage of pizza-related terms. Learn about the psychological mind control tactics of the cabal to seed concepts into the mass media. Learn about the common pedophilia symbols used in public sector.
Share Information: Spread awareness of the FBI official release that shows common symbols used by pedophiles amongst their community. You can also share the Podesta emails.
Don’t Buy Related Merchandise: When you see the pizza-themed merchandise, show your friends to spread awareness, and don’t buy these shirts for your children!
by Teresa Yanaros thedivinefrequency.com
ECETI is delighted to announce that Teresa Yanaros will be a speaker at ECETI 2018 Conference July 4-8, 2018.

Announcement & Registration coming January 30th!