Dec 12, 2017

Økonomisk Ugebrev | 13. Dec 2017 | Mærsk Sydasien-chef: Vi ser lommer af svaghed i markedet | .. Simon Parkes: Why The FTSE 100 Could Crash To 5,000.. Could it be true..... Chinese banks announced that they may not have enough money to see off potential losses!... ZeroHedge:(Warning From The World's Biggest Shipping Line On Outlook for World Trade) -- Now the Copenhagen-based Maersk, the world’s number one container shipping company, is sounding a warning about softer demand and downward pressure on freight rates. According to Bloomberg: ".. The world’s largest container shipping line says international freight rates are reversing after climbing for most of this year, raising questions about the sustainability of the global trade recovery. Decade-old oversupply issues swamped demand for containerized sea trade in the third quarter, a senior official at maersk line ltd. Said in an interview last week. Over 90 percent of trade is routed through ships, making the industry a bellwether for the worldwide economy. “we have started to see some pockets of downward pressure,” said steve felder, mumbai-based managing director of maersk’s south asian unit. The global trade order book at around 13.5 percent of capacity isn’t high, “however, given that freight rates are largely determined on the basis of supply-demand balance, they remain fragile,” he said.. Maersk isn’t alone. Drewry shipping consultants expects the container-shipping freight growth rate to drop to less than 10 percent in 2018 from around 15 percent in 2017 as a supply glut hits home. Cma cgm, the no. 3 container shipping company, recently signaled slightly lower rates for 2018 in early negotiations of asia-europe contracts, analysts at credit suisse group ag wrote in a nov. 29 note. “it remains very early in the negotiation period, but this uncertainty is plainly unhelpful to investor confidence,” they said. Fitch ratings expects supply of shipping containers to grow more than 5.5 percent in 2018, outpacing an over 4.5 percent expansion in demand.. "... |