Nov 10, 2017

Sputnik News | Nov 10, 2017 | Oslo, We Have a Problem! Norway's Prized F-35 Aircraft Stored in Tents | .. Norway has spent billions of dollars on the purchase of US F-35 fighter jets, which is Oslo's largest defense expenditure. However, the Nordic country's pricey war toys will be housed in tents for lack of hangars .. | Blogger: LHOTF 😁 3 hashtags: #USNATORussophobia, #LockheadMartinSSP, #TheF35ScamOfTheCentury... |

"This is a planning blunder of epic proportions. Something is fundamentally wrong with long-term defense policy planning in Norway," StΓ₯le Ulriksen of the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy told the Adresseavisen daily.