Nov 2, 2017

Dr Michael Salla Update | Nov 1, 2017 | A Life of Public Service & Disclosure of Secret Space Programs | Blogger: The more intensified stuff begins at 12 minute marker and forward, i would say - please remember, either you believe in Michael Gerloff or not, ""total recall"" is not an option in these secretly 20 & back programs within SSP. So, validating these programs is really hard, but more and more whistleblowers comes forward, these days... |

In this final episode of this five part interview series Michael Gerloff explains how his military and police career was inspired by his commitment to public service, and how this commitment has evolved to now revealing the truth about secret space programs. He emphasizes that during his covert service, he was officially sanctioned to come forward at this time with his disclosure testimony by a USMC Intelligence Group running the “Space Marines” .

Gerloff explains why it’s important for former military and police personnel to come forward to also reveal their knowledge of these programs, and why he is convinced that he continues to serve the public while pursuing full disclosure.

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