Nov 9, 2017

BREAKING | TV2 NYS | 9. Nov 2017 | EU-Domstol: TV 2 modtog statsstøtte | (In English:).. The Big Bank Bailout - The Big TV Bailout??.. Watching TV in Denmark requires (forces) you to have a Danish television license.. The European Court of Justice has ruled on a Danish public newscaster TV 2 in three appeals on Thursday, which concludes a year-long battle for state aid and possible manipulated with advertising funds. In order words, to pay back ""billions"" of kroner to the government, in which many has estimated that the refund alone, will likely throw TV 2 into bankruptcy... | Blogger: (Kisser fik sgu ret) Since 1949, Danmarks Radio had been the sole provider of television in Denmark, as a second choice, TV 2 is a publicly owned subscription television station in Denmark. Historically TV 2 was funded by television license fees and advertising sales... |

Foto: Mads Claus Rasmussen / Scanpix Denmark