Nov 28, 2017

24syv Nyheder | 28. Nov 2018 | Region Syddanmark ansatte psykiater, der er dømt for mishandling og beskyldt for at krænke otte kvinder | Blogger: (In English:) The Movement of #MeToo -- Haderslev Municipality in the State of Denmark, refuse to sack or even discuss, why a well known and convicted sexually abusing swedish psychiatrist, is on the list of employees in their administration... From".. A Swedish psychiatrist, sentenced for abuse by his wife and two children, accused of violating several female patients in Sweden, is currently working on psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark. After complaints from eight female patients, the head of psychiatry in Sweden wrote that the psychiatrist in question "does not understand that he is psychologically injuring certain patients." Nevertheless, the man is now employed in Denmark, Haderslev Municipality. General Secretary of the National Association for Better Psychiatry, Thorstein Theilgaard, calls the information "unreasonable and deeply worrying".."... |