Oct 25, 2017

Activist Post | Oct 25, 2017 | Former Presidents Come Together for Photo-Op As Internet Forgets They’re ALL War Criminals | .. Five former presidents of the United States came together for a hurricane relief benefit, and their photo-op with musician Lady Gaga led to a surprising reaction—the Internet loved it! Not only did the public put politics aside, it also seems to have forgotten about all of the things these men have done to give them a very different title: ""War Criminal"".. | Blogger: At-least Carter is honest about it!. This photo-shoot show the Illuminati MOB and demonized Lady Gaga, smack in the middle .. CNN Headline: Presidents Carter and Trump have more in common than you think... For Once, perhaps your right “The Clinton News Network, come again? - How much does CNN hate Trump? 93% of coverage is negative!!! ... |

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