September 30, 2017

Verdensalt | Sep 30, 2017 | World News Today - Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Glitch in the Matrix | 👉 Denmark woos big London-based asset managers - Scandinavian country steps up efforts to lure companies away from the UK capital after Brexit | Minister for Trade and Industry Brian Mikkelsen, want to destroy popular house loans without approval. Does he know the economic crash is on the way? | Denmark's populist local party will attempt to reintroduce burqa-banning legislation in parliament, while danes is against it by 62% | Several cases of misinformation (or direct lies) comes from the danish Ministry of Defense, is growing | Reluctant danish licence fee payers hunts down Danmarks Radio and danish Ministry of Taxation for 10 years of illegal VAT | 1600 Daily ""finally"" provide recovery efforts in Puerto Rico | Yet another man-made quake, magnitude of 5.5, strikes in China's Sichuan province: USGS? | Fake Terror - Reports of active shooter on US Air Force Academy grounds | Mystery dump: State Department releases 6000 of Hillary Clinton documents | The World Leader of The Deep State/Cabal trying to stop Catalonia’s controversial independence referendum, rejects Kurdistan independence referendum and West Papua independence petition is rebuffed at UN. Why? | Cuba rejects US claims - US cuts Cuba diplomatic staff over mysterious 'attacks'. Who is US protecting? | Why do Swedish and Danish Police fears violence when 1000 Nynazists march in Gothenburg. Why is even allowed? | Fear & Warmongering propaganda to cover up World War3: North Korea spotted moving missiles from rocket facility, experts declare | The Khazarian Mafia/Cabal/Illuminati/TheDeepState last attempt? Malware, Ransomware and Cyberattacks all over the planet. Real or staged to direct attention and allow CIA's mass media hysteria before the banking cartel crashes? A New Cyber-Attack Against The Power Grid Concerns The FEDS | Denmark's Central Bank, danish parliament, many ministries exposed to hacker attacks. Blame it on Russia!👈 |


Is The Cabal Planning A Global Take Down Of The Financial System? - Episode 1389b