Dec 14, 2016

Dave Schmidt Update: Overview and Update of the RV/GCR Process

  Dec 14th, 2016
Overview and Update of the RV/GCR Process

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Dear Friends, 
In the last few months there have been thousands of new people to join the newsletter and broadcast programs.  This has brought up many questions from those new to the process.

 This week in the video and in the broadcast program I do an overview of the RV/GCR process.  Why is this happening and why do we have the opportunity to participate in this world changing event.  One thing is very clear from the funding sources.  This is not about you and me becoming rich.  This is first and foremost about creating a world of economic parity so we as a collective human race can free ourselves from centuries of economic slavery to the controllers of the worlds money supply.  This is about a 70+ year effort to neutralize the cabal controllers of the world's money supply to set humanity free from our financial slavery to a world debt system.    Those of us privileged to be a part of this private currency exchange are part of this process of re-hydrating the global economic system with clean asset back funds to replace the current fiat money system.  Short of this change we would be headed for a catastrophic global financial collapse.    While some of you have been involved in this for close to 10 years, the funders have been in this process of change for more than 60 years.  All intel displays we are finally there.  Various delays have come and gone, but all intel is reporting to a completion being right as the door step after all of these years.  Enjoy this over video and join me on the broadcast program on Wednesday evening.    

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