October 27, 2015

Has Keshe Finally Done It? “Free Energy” is Now Available to the People(VIDEO) - Oct 27, 2015

By PL Chang

If Dr. Keshe and his team are able to distribute their plasma “free energy” technology to the world by the end of this month (October 2015) and the technology works as well as they claim, it would be a wonderful year for humanity. In the last few years, Dr. Keshe disappointed many free energy enthusiasts for the reason that he did not deliver what he promised. Let us hope he is for real this time. ~ PL Chang

As described on YouTube.com:
If you missed the historic live-stream, free-energy announcement given Friday by the Keshe Foundation, this video is the “Cliff Notes” version. World leaders were given a 10 day “heads-up” to what’s coming… the global release & distribution of patented, plasma-based, free-energy knowledge and technology into the PUBLIC domain!!! Mr. Keshe has just warned spaceship earth of yet another imminent “world shattering” event!!

In the video below, Dr. Keshe claims that his Magrav plasma reactor can produce energy for 30 to 40 years without the need to recharge or refuel it. This means that his plasma “free energy” technology has the potential to power your car or home for 30 to 40 years, and during that time you do not need to recharge it or refuel it with any type of fuel. Now that is pretty amazing!

Keshe Gives 10-DAY Notice to ALL Nations of Earth

Below is the full video of the 3rd Ambassador Meeting by the Keshe Foundation.

3rd Ambassador Meeting, Rome 8PM CET October 16th

Where to Purchase Keshe Magrav Plasma Reactors

Below is a screenshot of Dr. Keshe’s Magrav plasma energy units. These plasma “free energy” generators are available to purchase at KesheFoundation.org. I have not purchased and tested their Magrav plasma reactors, so I do not know if the plasma reactors work as well as they claim.

Source: Energy Fanatics