Jul 16, 2015

Ocean Die Off – Massive Toxic Algae Bloom Fuels Marine Ecosystem Collapse - July 16, 2015

15th July 2015

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“Mysterious” extreme warming of oceans baffles scientists.

It is increasingly hard to find words which accurately describe the willful blindness of the so-called “scientific” community.

Our oceans are dying by the day, especially along the North American West Coast. Official agencies pretend not to understand what is unfolding in our seas. But this is a lie. It is the assigned task of agency “experts” and mainstream media to downplay these most dire issues, in order to keep the public calm or confused. I know many agency employees and with few exceptions, this is the case.

Though many independent news sources want to place the blame for the dying seas on a single source or cause, there are in fact a great many factors involved, all of them related to human activity.

What are the causes?

Fukushima is one problem, but only one. The US Navy war games along the West Coast using live depleted uranium ammunition is another factor. There is of course industrial pollution, and overfishing. But there are other core causes of our ailing oceans.

The oceans are warming at an unprecedented pace, this is due to the rapidly worsening anthropogenic greenhouse effect which has been significantly worsened by 65+ years of climate engineering. Geoengineering has destroyed the ozone layer which allows lethal levels of UV radiation through to Earth’s surface; the excessive UV is decimating plankton populations and fueling the thermal buildup of heat on our planet. Climate engineering has also radically disrupted wind patterns which in turn affects ocean currents; this has contributed to extreme pockets of ocean heat due to a lack of ocean circulation and mixing.

Another form of geoengineering, “ocean fertilization”, is also contributing to the increasing dead zones around the globe. Yes, the same global powers behind the ongoing atmospheric spraying insanity have also been “fertilizing” our oceans. (For those that are not familiar with ocean fertilization, the term refers to the intentional widespread distribution of massive amounts of bioavailable iron into our already-polluted seas, in order to create plankton blooms that then absorb and thus sequester Co2 from the atmosphere.)

Moreover, since at least 2007, climate engineers have aggressively tried to suppress the the development of El Niรฑo events, and this has greatly contributed to the ocean heat build up (and the consequences of that heat) which we are unmistakably now seeing.

What are the effects?

Essentially, overheated seas are dead seas, and the current heat buildup on planet Earth isequal to 400,000 Hiroshima bombs per day.

The die-off of sea stars along the North American West Coast has already been horrific. Much of the Eastern Pacific ocean is superheating, a very dire fact that most of the population is still completely unaware of thanks to the mainstream media machine of mass distraction.

One example of the countless species dying are seals which have been littering West Coast beaches.

A mass invasion and die-off of red tuna crabs is still occurring along the beaches of Southern California and Northern Baja. No matter how prolific and widespread the carnage becomes along our shores, for many it seems all the death is only an amusement.

Earlier this year beaches in Northern California and Oregon were blanketed with a mass die-off of “Vellela Vellela”, a cousin to the jellyfish.

In a short time, rapidly rising levels of greenhouse gases and heat will intensify algae blooms and marine die-offs. “Red tides” and the death they bring to the seas will continue to increase.

We are in free fall toward what is known as “Canfield Ocean“.

If the oceans die, we die.

Ocean temperatures are skyrocketing along both coasts of the North American continent causing marine ecosystem collapse (see article posted further down this page). The experts correctly acknowledge that part of the warming is linked to carbon emissions, but then go on to admit “there may also be another explanation, so far undiscovered”. The seas are warming so rapidly that researchers must constantly upgrade their charts. The extreme ocean warming off the coasts of North America is clearly visible in the current departure from average sea temperature map below. And the massive algae bloom unfolding on the North American West Coast is entirely unprecedented.

Yet, no matter how enormous the global geoengineering “elephant in the room” becomes, no matter how much destruction and devastation the ongoing climate engineering assault causes, the effects are all a big “mystery” to the “experts”.

The elephant in the room.

With planetary warming accelerating, not slowing down, geoengineering is helping to fuel the fire. The planet is in full blown meltdown, climate engineering/weather warfare is making the overall situation far worse, not better, and the power structure is doing everything it can to hide this fact (and indeed, conceal the entire geoengineering operation).

Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to our biosphere, the scientific and academic communities have so far shown barely a shred of courage in regard to openly acknowledging the geoengineering assault on the planet. [… with some notable exceptions – Editor.] Instead, the climate science community is helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering crimes by their constant attempt to explain away the completely engineered as being “natural”, and their failure to speak out appropriately when the numbers don’t add up.

Many that live in the eastern U.S. have convinced themselves that the world is not warming because it happens to be cold in their location. Many more have convinced themselves of the same conclusion by referring to the eastern U.S. as proof of a global cool down. But, to push the “global cooling” myth is in effect helping the geoengineers sell climate engineering as an effective method of climate mitigation, when in reality the exact opposite is true. Climate engineering is making the climate scenario far worse overall, not better.

When will climate scientists admit to the geoengineering elephant in the room?

Scientists openly ponder the “warm West, cold East divide” in the United States. Why can’t they figure out what is behind the completely unprecedented “freeze-fry” scenario in the lower 48 states of the United States? Because these scientists are not willing or not allowed to admit to reality — the engineered cool-down of the Eastern U.S.

There is a tremendous and ongoing effort by the power structure to hide the reality of our imploding biosphere and the climate engineering insanity that is helping to fuel this implosion, but the unfolding cannot be hidden much longer.

Climate engineering is the most dire and immediate threat to the oceans, to us, and to the planet’s life support systems as a whole. Short of nuclear cataclysm, climate engineering is the greatest threat we face. Many blame Fukushima for all the die-offs of the Eastern Pacific, but there is much more to what is unfolding.

The toxic heavy metal geoengineering aerosols being sprayed from jet aircraft (and the radio frequency transmissions used to manipulate them) are completely altering atmospheric convection, wind currents, ocean currents, ocean “mixing”, and the hydrological cycle as a whole. The ongoing aerosol fallout is contaminating the entire planet with toxic metal and chemical particulates, from geoengineering programs conducted within the U.S. and abroad. The climate engineers have actively tried to suppress the El Niรฑo event since at least 2007. And climate engineering is forcing ocean stratification which is contributing to an increasing “canfield ocean” condition; a potential trigger for mass extinction.

It is up to each and every one of us to expose this criminal denial and thus bring climate engineering to light once and for all. Effectively and credibly exposing climate engineering and the apparent cover up within the climate science community MUST be our top priority if we are to salvage anything of our once thriving planet’s life support systems, make your voice heard. With every day that passes, the front line data on the marine die-off is becoming more dire.

We are all in a fight for life, our priorities should and must reflect this fact. Make your voice heard.