May 28, 2015

The Tree of The Golden Light Update - Mushaba Platinum Light Messages - May 28, 2015

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba May 24, 2015

I am here today to give you a message of love and peace. This is only possible because of the vibrations that are being emitted to the outer edges of this universe, to the saw tooth edges of creation! It all began with this beautiful loving force called the Mushaba Force.

This Mushaba force energy is part of the beginning of this universe and has been since time began, even before the idea of time existed on planet earth. The Mushaba Force has evolved to become "The Love Essence of Mushaba". This Love Essence is now moving throughout all of Creation as it is immersing itself throughout all of the fabric of creation. In a sense, you can say that:

"Creation is being baptized by the Love Essence of Mushaba".

This is extremely necessary in order to bring forth the next steps in the evolvement of all of life in this universe.

You see, this universe was brought into being to experience that opposite of what was within the first universe. There was and still is nothing but love. There is no duality of expression. In order for this universe and all life within it to evolve to the next level of existence, it is necessary for the Love Essence to be present and available to all life within this universe. It is the core energy that is needed for the total evolvement away from duality and into infinite expression of oneness, but it is "a oneness with individuality"........................Click Here for More