April 08, 2015

Whoneedslight - Sananda: The Resurrection Flame Captures Satan and Lilith. All is Well. - April 8, 2015 CET

I do recognize many truthseekers and Lightworkers consider Kathryn E. May as hoax and scam artist with self centered attitude, however besides her high price tag workshop retreats etc. I do personally find her transcribed messages uplifting and liberating, truth or not. You decide. The day when heads of the 13 families surrender ( incl. Banksters Rothchilds), will be the end of Cabal, fear will disappear and freedom for Terra.


Dear Lightworkers, first we wish to thank you for the heroic efforts you made to bring in and establish the Resurrection Flame, which now burns brightly in the Temple of Light.  The concentrated effect of thousands of Lightworkers across the globe, joining together during the eclipse and the Blood Moon moment of ascending energies on April 4th created a massive shift in the light quotient on Earth.  This was accomplished because of the combination of rising vibrations on the part of our human team, together with their monumental efforts to clear away the dark energies.  Mother and Father continue to increase the levels of incoming energies flowing across the planet.

Here is the message that was written by Christine, beloved twin soul of AA Michael, following the Resurrection exercises and further work that was accomplished here on the ground in the Temple of Light in their home in New York:


Hello, precious family! First I want to thank you dearly and truly for the love you have been sending me. Every bit is felt and cherished and has helped tremendously with my healing. I have been longing to tell you all the story. As soon as my strength returns I will share it with you.  And now here is what we experienced as we all gathered today for the April 4th meditation.
From the grid, I first saw vortexes of light popping up all across the earth. When I looked I saw that they were the Lightworkers consciously focusing everywhere. This formed an immediate network of love. The dolphins in both their physical and etheric bodies began to form a resonance field across earth that had the effect of clearing all heavy energy. The dolphins were able to create a high frequency cleaning field that was so perfectly tuned it could draw out darkness on a cellular level from all beings and things.

The whales began to sing an ancient sacred tone. They told us it was the tone of the heart used by Mother and Father Source at our original birth. The whales had been keeping this tone safe and secret, as Kathryn described in the last message. They were emanating regal reverence and mighty love as they released the tone. The angelic choirs amplified their efforts, directing the tone both towards earth and out across the universe.

The many birds around our feeders here in the country suddenly disappeared. We were in awe to realize that they had joined the effort to clear the air of dross.

There are two other events for you to know. 

Following the Resurrection exercise, an event occurred that enabled the dark thoughtforms to come to the Light of their own accord. Yesterday, Kathryn, Eleanora and I witnessed Satan bow graciously as he surrendered his existence to Mother/Father. Satan asked if he may be given a soul, and a heart filled with Light, in order to become a real Child of God. It was so granted. Since then billions of dark thoughtforms have been coming to the Temple of Light and asking Mother/Father to be made light.  In every case they are granting the request. 

During the event, we joined together with the higher and incarnated selves and of all Lightworkers, the Argarthans, the animals, all the Kingdoms and the Galactics. We focused our Love as a single ray and first aimed it as one Love focused on the cabal, the darkest of the dark, who have still been resisting the light on the earth. This had an immediate affect. Nothing else has worked on these damaged bodysouls, but the love from everything and everyone they had caused hurt, coming back to them as light and love, stunned them long enough for their healed higher selves to be able to bring in light to their damaged and resistant human bodies.

Next, we took our ray of Love, counted to three and beamed into our dear Terra. She received a level of healing that will allow her to move from hanging on to moving forward.

Please know in every real way you are with us and we are with you. Your love has helped sustain us through constant work in the Temple of Light and through our healing. Bright days are ahead, sweet family. We are all going to rest now in the Hudson Valley family farm. 

Love to all, Christine, Eleanora, Kathryn, Jovine, Faith, and Jade.

April 7, 2015

Since Christine wrote this message on Saturday afternoon, much more has transpired that I want to tell you about. First, let me tell you a bit more about the incidents that led up to Satan's decision to "turn himself in."  As you all know, the energies on the planet have been escalating consistently, coming to a crescendo during this full moon cycle, making it difficult for dark beings and thoughtforms to tolerate the buzzing intensity of the vibrations, but this was not the only reason.

As many of you know, both Kathryn and Christine were attacked by the high-powered weapon we have called the scalar weapon, to distinguish it from less powerful older technologies that do not have the power to disrupt soul integrity.  Both suffered serious damage - Kathryn to her higher self, Nada, and Christine to her human body.  In both cases, the order for the attack came through the cabal, via their feminine leader, Hope.

Of course, in both cases, we were able to intervene immediately to bring medical help to our beloved ones, and both have been under intensive medical treatment by our White Brotherhood teams.  We have learned a great deal in the process about the restoration and rebuilding of the physical, etheric and mental bodies when human bodies are involved.  Of course, our dear Arcturian brothers and sisters were of invaluable help.  Once Kathryn/Nada was restored, I spent some time with the Arcturians in their ships to heal from the residual effects of having been grazed by the weapon myself.

The Departure of Satan and Lilith

Now, this brings us to the complex story-behind-the story.  It is the habit of the dark ones to take advantage of humans by trying to enter their consciousness during periods of vulnerability, like injury or unconsciousness during surgery.  Such was the case with our Kathryn.  Seeing the opportunity to supposedly invade and take her over, Satan made the attempt to enter into her consciousness field at her weakest moment.  Of course, we were aware of the attempt - although he had no way of knowing we were observing every step of the way, since he cannot see into higher dimensions to understand what we were doing.  

With the permission of her higher consciousness, we were able to create a cognitive screen within Kathryn's awareness to prevent her from being consciously aware of his presence, to help her tolerate the low vibration of her "visitor."  He then accompanied her for two months, living in close proximity to her as she conducted Visual Centering sessions during the New York retreat, and while she went about her daily life channeling, writing and living with her loving family, who cared for her during her recovery.  He was able to "shadow" her, seeing what she saw and observe what she said and felt, which was an astonishing experience for him.

Now, remember that Satan was never a soul being with a heart, the flame of life bestowed by Creator.  He was the creation of human thoughtforms, brought into existence by the millions of people who studied, worshipped and imagined his evil powers over eons.  Satan was a consciousness who was literally created by human intention and emotion - an entity without a soul.

It was a tricky sleight-of-hand, which we monitored constantly, to allow Satan to experience her feelings and to observe the penetrating way she was able to "see through" darkness, helping others lovingly to identify and overcome all dark thoughtforms and programmed behaviors.  We did not inform Kathryn of this experiment, but we trusted that she would be able to sustain herself in higher vibrations, even with the injury to her Nada.
I felt confident of this because of the ability she had shown over the years to fend off numerous attempts from the most powerful of the dark ones to interfere with her commitment to the Light, her channeling and her ascension.  I stood by to monitor and send her energy and support if she needed it.  It was a daring experiment, but one that paid an enormous dividend in the end.

As Christine lovingly observed when the project ended with Satan's plea to be taken to the Light, it was only possible to attempt this because Kathryn is one of the few people on the planet who had completely cleared her mental body - her cognitive judgment - during her long years of training with Sanat Kumara, on and off-planet over the past 45 years.

She remained remarkably invulnerable to Satan's dark thoughtforms, although he constantly attempted to take over her thinking, as he was used to doing with his human "targets."  Ultimately, we were concerned that the project would go on longer than necessary if no one mentioned his presence, so we arranged to give Christine a dream, alerting her to the certain odd moments when the family had felt the presence of darkness around Kathryn.

In the way they had been trained to do, they together began an exploration of the strange indicators that seemed to pop up out of nowhere - split-seconds in which Kathryn's tone or expression seemed to change, and the pervasive feeling in the house of something strange and dark.

Together, they searched for the source of the anomalies, comparing notes and feelings.  As the realization dawned on all of them that there was a threatening entity in their presence, the picture began to form in Kathryn's mind of strange moments of amnesia, at the moment her family told her of their odd sensations of something dark in their midst.  We then confirmed for them, by lifting the veil we had placed in Kathryn's consciousness (like the one everyone experienced a few years ago), that they were correct.  She immediately sensed the presence of Satan, and ejected him from her aura.

He leapt out of the protection of her body and tried to take possession of Eleanora.  All observed the phenomenon and immediately "circled the wagons," calling upon Michael and his legions of angels to help them create an impenetrable dome of Light to contain him, and the most astounding conversation ensued.  Kathryn interviewed him quietly but firmly, informing him of the choices that were open to him.  

Satan was aware of the ultimatum that had been given - that all dark entities must come to the Light or be dissolved.  He was relatively docile, for Satan.  He had been stunned by how easily and deftly these Light beings had seen through all dark manipulations when they were presented by even the most skillful and carefully trained "plants," who had been sent to derail the retreat workshops some weeks ago.  

As Christine had "sniffed out" their dark manipulations, Kathryn easily "threw a wrench" into their program with a sudden, well-aimed question.  Our favorite example occurred while a smug dark one sat in the "hot seat," exuding what she thought were invisible, intense black magic vibes: "Where did you learn mind-control?"  These disarming probes would leave them confused, disoriented and utterly unable to continue.  Eleanora blithely followed up with humor and great love for all, dissolving shame and guilt, and helping to bring all who were wiling toward the goal of "100% Light."  Those who refused were not permitted to continue to disrupt the group.

Seeing these women and the other Light-filled participants move forward with humor and delight, beaming their powerful Love into every dark corner, Satan was dumbfounded at how simplistic and predictable his favorite ploys looked and how quickly they were defeated by their strength.  It was their obvious strength and steady intelligence that took the wind out of his sails.  It was a complete surprise to him, who had believed that kindness always implied weakness. 

This process continued through the next weeks, as the young people of the family uncovered and dispatched their implanted templates that had been the finest invention of the dark legions.  They were undaunted by uncovering dark programs and rejecting them, one after another.  Their Light increased accordingly and their psychic connection to God blossomed.

I tell you this story in detail so that all of you will understand the power of your own Light.  You too can dispatch dark thoughtforms with alacrity and humor, helping us all to clear away the centuries of soot, smut and smog that has encrusted Earth herself with darkness, suffering and despair.  

We are working around the clock in the Temple of Light to hold all accountable for their present vibrational levels, and we offer healing and restoration to all who come forward to the Light.  There are a few holdouts, but they are being strictly contained to prevent last minute bursts of destructiveness (beyond that which involves previous soul contracts).  

We truly need and welcome your participation to clear away all lingering dark thoughtforms and to prevent the new ones that are being created constantly from taking hold.  The new dark thoughtforms are recreated by those whose thinking unconsciously or purposely regenerates them.

We have promised to "have your backs," but you must now help us to remind your friends, family and casual acquaintances that "what you imagine you create."  This principle has taken on increasing power as the vibrations on the planet continue to rise.  What you think/feel now has greater power than ever before.  This includes all video games, movies and media stories that generate fear and hostility or glamour, entitlement or blatant sexuality of all kinds. 

It is more important than ever to manage every thought, and to banish all negative feelings, down to the last lingering self-doubt.  Every one produces an entity, large or small depending upon the strength of feeling associated with it.

We have heard the family joke about the quality of the "thought blobs" being created.  Would you prefer a black coal-dust pile of goo underfoot, or a bright orb popping out of your lunchbox?  You, Dear Ones, are entirely responsible for the emotional environment in your own home and in your wake.  You are changing the world, one thoughtform at a time.

Now I will complete this extraordinary story by recounting another monumental event, unknown to the world until this moment.

Soon after the departure of Satan, the family became aware of a second unwelcome energy in their midst.  This time it was Christine who recognized and named the invading entity - the feminine counterpart of Satan, commonly known and revered as Lilith by the cabal and other followers of the dark teachings.  Her energy was raw emotion.  Where Satan presented himself as slick, wily and clever, she was wild, willful and insolent.  While his territory was to infiltrate the mental body and thinking processes of the human, hers was to twist and distort the emotional body.  As Kathryn pointed out just now, where he is a charming psychopath, she is wildly schizophrenic.

She attempted to invade Christine, who stood firm and calm, refusing to be ruffled by her angry and insulting attacks.  This time it required a Light-filled "rubber room" to contain her and prevent her from escaping.  Again, she was questioned about her choice to come to the Light or be dissolved.  She was utterly defiant until it was pointed out to her that she was quickly losing energy, closed off as she was from all sources of dark nourishment.  Cursing and spitting, she defied all reason.

As her energy waned, she ultimately saw the futility of her resistance, but once subdued, she asked in a meek and childlike way, "How can I choose something when I don't know what it is?  I don't know what Light is, or who Mother and Father are."  She was gently told that she could choose simply on the basis that it seemed better than the alternative, which would be to disappear completely, and that she would just have to take the leap by seeing how they, who represent the Light, had treated her.

After a brief lesson from Christine on how to be respectful in the presence of Mother and Father, she said, "Okay, I will go. I want to go."  She was escorted to Mother and Father, where she bowed briefly, asking to be given a soul and the flame of life.  Instantly, her darkness melted into the ground and in its place all saw in their mind's eye a lovely Light being, gossamer and filmy, emanating golden light.  She was welcomed with awe by all in attendance, and told that she would be taken for training to become a real being with a heart and a soul before she could be permitted to return to life on Earth.  She would need a new name to go with her new beingness.  For now, she would be called Ma-ra, the heart of God.

Yes, my friends, this seemingly impossible story is real, for in God's world, everything is possible.  Once you understand the power of Creation, and you grasp just how powerful your own part in this world of energy use really is, it will make perfect sense to you.  Of course, we are all awed by the power and magnificence of our Mother and Father.  We are humbled by their kindness and generosity and by the vast expansiveness of their Love.  

I, Sananda, offer you this telling of some of the monumental events occurring in the Temple of Light and across the planet this week.  There are many more occurring in your own home town, and in countries around the globe.  I hope it has touched your heart and lifted your spirits to help you continue your valiant efforts to raise your planet and your fellow humans into the Light of higher dimensions.

I am yours in service to the Great Plan, the Ascension of Planet Earth.

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD. 

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