February 28, 2015

COBRA - February Monthly Update Transcript - Rob Potter & Cobra

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Jumping directly to the transcripted interview.......

Rob – Hello ladies and gentleman. Welcome to another special edition of Victory of the Light radio show with our esteemed guest Cobra. I’m very honored to have him here every week and be part of this process, of sharing and participation of humanity in the plans to liberate this planet and break the earth’s quarantine. Lots of wonderful things coming up for us. Cobra, we have lots of questions in lots of different areas. Before we start, I’d like to tell everyone who does sends me questions, please understand Cobra and I do not answer personal questions about what happened to you when you were younger. And we can not be given questions about what other people are doing or for instance: “Did you read what so and so said?” We don’t know what these people are doing and we do not answer questions based on homework. If you have something that so and so said – you don’t have to say that that person said it. Just ask a question about that to us and we can do that. I must be be specific about that. I’ve had to reject many questions that way. I apologize to you people. I know you want those answers. Without further adieu – Cobra, thank you for coming on again and welcome to the Victory of Light radio show, special edition.

COBRA – Thank you for the invitation.

Rob – It’s always wonderful to have you here. We’ve had so many changes and so many positive good news reports since we last spoke. We had the post that the quarantine was near and everyone said, ‘Has the event happened?’ I said, ‘Well if the banks have not been shut down and you don’t see arrests or take-overs or the media announcing things going on, no.’ I said, ‘Then obviously the event has not happened.’ Then we got another post from you saying it is near. Then the breakaway has begun. You made further clarification in another post that actually declared that we’ve taken down some of the plasma scalar field networks on the physical plane as well as within the solar system. And previously you had mentioned that the solar system was cleared.
I understand . . you know there are different security things and they’re going on there. Can you give us an update on what’s going now in the solar system? Has there been more movement in taking out some of these bases within the solar system of the negative Chimera or the breakaway group?

COBRA – Basically the presence of the negative beings in the solar system is very minimal and they’re all connected to the Chimera network. Now it’s the clearing of the last remnants of this from the solar system. We had a big victory of the light when the physical strangelet and toplet bombs have been completely removed. Only the plasma ones are remaining. Now we have to remove those now. It’s a big progress. The purification of the solar system is proceeding nicely. There has been a lot of progress in that area as well.

Rob – Yes, the energies have been shifting dramatically. I’ve been feeling them. You know, I’m on an island space, which is one of the most remotest on the planet, but the energies have really shifted in regards to the on going operations within the solar system when we talk about the Chimera or the Orion group. I’m not trying to pigeon hole any type of ET racial phenotype. Are the Chimera the ones in physical form? Are they originally, in their souls, are some of these beings tall whites? Are they reptilians in human incarnation? Can you give us a little more understanding? Are they from a specific planet in the Orion complex? Are they not from Orion? What is the nature of the Chimera’s group? Is this a consortium of different ET groups, a couple hostile groups as has been suggested by others?

COBRA – Most of people that belong to the Chimera group are Andromedans or Orion hybrids. They originate from a certain sector of the Andromedan galaxy and went through the Orion training, you might say, when they were accepted, and then they were part of the dark Orion/Draco/Reptilian Empire. They basically had taken over that empire. They were the administrators, the handlers of the Draco/Reptilian/Orion Empire for a long period of time. They were the ones who are technologically and scientifically the most advanced of that empire. This is why they are the last ones remaining. (OK) This is why they have the most advanced defense systems.

Rob – OK. So these are actually Andromedans who at the highest level manipulated the Alpha-Draconas, is that correct?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – And what is the racial make-up of the Andromedans? That’s a large galaxy. We’ve heard from Alex Collier and ___ that Andromedans are quite tall and have blue skin and have a unique kind of thing, the particular group that he’s working with. Can you share what these particular beings might look like?

COBRA – Yes. Andromeda is a large galaxy with many star systems. You cannot generalize how those people look like. The Chimera group is humanoid beings. Originally, they looked like humans. They were not a reptilian type of being. Those who are present on Planet earth are in human bodies You would not be able to discern them from any other human being if they walked on the street.

Rob – OK. Thank you. In regards to the Chimera and their interactions with earth-based Cabal members, are these types of communications cut off now, or are high level Cabal members still intimately associated and coming and going from Chimera strongholds?

COBRA – Unfortunately some high-level members of the Cabal still have a certain degree of communication with the Chimera group. I’m talking specifically about the Unholy 4. They are in contact, unfortunately, still.

Rob – OK. And another thing I’m kind of curious about is you had mentioned for security reasons . . . I just have to ask this question for my own understanding . . . I want to know how even the Galactic Federation will know when they say there is no other negative groups in the galaxy? Some other sources within the contactee movements have indicated that there is still a very large Alpha-Draconas presence, whether controlled by the Chimera group or not. They still have a very large formidable force – I don’t know whether in this galaxy or another one. That they still exists is touted by many and they say there is currently a treaty between the forces of light and this particular group.

The enforcement of the galactic codex is actually now just in this is just one area of conflict. Can you comment on that? Are there any other Chimera/Reptilian/Orion/Draco type negative operations going on anywhere in this galaxy?

COBRA – No, no, no. This is the last solar system – actually the last planet to be liberated.

Rob – OK. Was the solar system ever quarantined completely?

COBRA – It was never quarantined completely. There was always a limited exchange possible under very strict conditions. I would say for the last 25K years, this solar system, the majority of the solar system was under the control of the Orion/Reptilian/ Draconian complex.

Rob – Although they seem to have had no power on certain planets and no influence on some of the higher spiritual planets. Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, of course. They never had any power on higher spiritual planes.

Rob – Right, so are . . even within the physical plane of Venus they’ve never . . .

COBRA – Yes, I would say the physical plane of Venus, moons of Jupiter and some other areas which were always quite connected to the light. There is a very strong star-gate between Jupiter, the 4 major Jupiter moons and the Sirius star system and that star-gate was never closed.

Rob – Oh absolutely, yes. I’ve heard for many years from many people that many of the moons around Jupiter. . . If you could tell us basically, again the names of the moons of Jupiter that are benevolent light force planets again.

COBRA – Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto the 4 Galactic satellites, the big moons of Jupiter. They were always in the hands of the light forces.

Rob – Yes. OK. Thank you very much. I’m going to go into some of the regular questions here but first I’d like to hear from you an update on the Ukraine situation. We’ve had a recent picture with Putin walking behind Merkel and I think Netanyahu. Actually, they didn’t look very good. There was actually a cartoon that cut the picture in half and because they were walking up to a balcony and you couldn’t see, it showed behind the balcony Putin holding a gun and Merkel and Netanyahu walking up the stairs. Can you talk about that recent meeting in Russia and what is going on there in regards to Ukraine?

COBRA – As always you have two factions here fighting. You have the Eastern Alliance, the BRICS alliance and the Western Cabal fighting. This is the last stage of the galactic wars basically. What is happening is this peace agreement is a very tricky situation because if it gets violated the Western Cabal will use this as a pretext for more conflict in the area. This is exactly what the Eastern Alliance does not want but at the same time.

COBRA – There are two things happening. First is the continuation of the old conflict between the BRICS alliance, the Eastern alliance and the Western Cabal. This peace agreement that happened – the Cabal is trying to misuse this, because they said if this arrangement is broken, and they can arrange it to be broken, then they have more projects for more invasion and violence in the area. At the same time, there are arrangements taken place behind the scenes for the Europe to connect much more deeply in the financial sense with the BRICS alliance and the Eastern alliance also geopolitically. This can bring big shifts to Europe very soon in a financial sense. Deeply restructuring things are happening right now behind the scenes and Ukraine is just the tip of the iceberg in this whole situation.

Rob – OK, so I guess on a more personal level here. When we see these people gathering and they say they’ve had a meeting, what actually goes on in that meeting? I’ve seen Putin next to George Bush Jr. with a freemason uniform. Obviously he was in on it or not. I’m wondering what kind of posturing goes on. Do they talk about the space presence and what’s going on? These guys obviously at the highest levels are all cleared and know what’s going on. Or are they just saying, ‘Come on, we want another war’. What really happens there?

COBRA – There is a lot of pressure there is a lot of stress and a lot of negotiations taking place. They’re not always nice. The press always takes pictures of nice smiling faces. but what happens behind the scenes is really much more nasty. Of course, people on that level have much Intel but not all the Intel.

Real negotiations do not happen between top politicians. They’re NOT happening between Putin and Obama. They are happening between people who are representatives of certain interest groups and those meetings are not announced to the public. They are not even announced in alternative media. It is always happening behind the scene. Sometimes Fulford is reporting on some of those negotiations that are happening on a deeper level.

Rob – OK. That’s good. Behind the scenes negotiations is actually a functioning the forward politicians that are being presented to the public. In regards to that you spoke about the black nobility – Farnese’s and the Orsini’s
You mentioned those types as being Archons and some of them have been rounded up. What is the current situation with some of these high-end noble families, this high-end Archons? Have more of them been removed or are we at a status quo there until the event?

COBRA – They are not being removed but they have lost a lot of power. They are loosing power fast. It is the fastest decline of their power in all-human history. Something like this has never happened before, so it’s a good sign.

Rob – In human history for 26K years you mentioned. I’d like to go into that last post you talked about. You got into specifics, which was nice and helped explain for people that: Above the earth and in the Agarthan network of the earth there have been on-going interactions between multiple ET groups both benevolent and tyrannical having various positions and interacting, not only Agarthan network natives but also the world’s political governments. This has been going on behind the scenes, is that not correct?

COBRA – Yes. Behind the scenes many things are happening that are never made into the main stream media, or also not in the alternative media.

Rob – Both sides actually were . . . had agreed to kind of keep this secret – the reason being that I kind of figured out is the bad guys don’t want us to know they’re here because if we did, we could kind of step away from them. And the good guys were forced to go along with that because the earth was held as hostage with the strangelet and toplet technology and were forced into acquiescence of this agreement, correct?

COBRA – Exactly.

Rob – And, yet, both sides still have different interaction on the surface. They both kind of violated the treaty to a certain extent. The light forces are being contacted. People are being abducted. There definitely seems to be on both sides of this treaty kind of a violation to a certain smaller extent with each side breaching. I guess it was an absolutely no contact with the surface population. That’s certainly not been enforceable, correct?

COBRA – That’s impossible, but you see, it’s a war and in the war each side is testing the weakness of the enemy. It’s psychologically and physically obvious that this treaty is not completely enforceable. This treaty for the light side was not an advantaged. It’s for the sake of the well-being of the hostages – for the hostages not to be erased from the planet.

Rob – Exactly. That’s what I’ve said repeatedly. Can you talk about . . . we didn’t have the physical, plasma and the higher technology we had. The enslavement process from the last 26K years ago and the flooding of the civilizations of the planet? How was control maintained at that time? What was the situation like in the 15-1600’s. How was the king and all these programs running on the earth? Was this all done with invisible plasma scalar field technology?

COBRA – This technology was present, but the Chimera group behind the scenes did so solely by the operation of that technology. Nobody on the surface had any idea how this was done. The Kings and the Royalty knew there were powerful forces protecting their bloodlines. That’s all they knew.

Rob – OK. So they . . . were they forcing implants into humans at birth at that point in time?

COBRA – Yes, it was a standard procedure the last 25K years.

Rob – Wow. OK. We’ve recently talked with a gentleman, Simon Parkes who was the abductee of the Mantis race who prostrated themselves before the Alpha-Draconus in the sub-chain of command of the implantation procedure. I’m kind of curious. What is going on with those types of beings that were previously subjugated? Have all those peoples and planets been liberated – all of those different groups or are some of them encapsulated in certain areas to be picked up later?

COBRA – The Mantis type beings have crossed into the light as a species, so they are now working with the light forces completely.

Rob – Yes, they certainly, from that gentleman’s videos . . . he certainly indicated that they were subservient and were trying to work to free themselves even while they were continuing to abuse the human population.

COBRA – Yes, it’s true. Many years ago they were contacted by the Galactic Federation and assisted and now they are free and are working with the light forces.

Rob – So many things have been changing out there in the universe. We want to understand what’s going on out there – how we’re viewed. Is it true that many races, and physical . . . there’s obviously multi-dimensional type Galactic Federation beings coming here from different worlds that exist on different actual dimensions working in concert. It seems that they defer to higher and higher council. Is it true in the past many of the other physical assisting races who have come here have learned about our situation have pleaded for more intervention and more power to stop things here?

COBRA – Many races wanted to intervene. When they’ve realized how complex the situation here is, most of them just got scared. The situations around the planet are really tough and really nasty. It is actually now much better than it was. The situation was really difficult and people did not know what was actually going on here. Thankfully, now, we are proceeding quite nicely with the liberation plans and we’re very close to the final breakthrough.

Rob – There seems to be a lot more sightings taking place lately. When you said the quarantine, I thought that was just going to mean a lot more landings and sightings in the sky. Has this increased dramatically as part of a process of turning up the light so to speak on the fact that we’re not alone to the general public? Is this going on right now?

COBRA – Yes, this is happening, but this is nothing compared to what will happen at the time of the event and after the event.

Rob – Oh, I hear that. We may actually have a lot more ships – visible ships – at the time of the event. (I will not answer this question.) The other thing I want to ask you about is, I’m with some really nice people in Hawaii who are very involved in the sovereign movement. They allowed me to use their Internet today. We have some questions from one of them in regards to sovereignty and winning for any particular culture.

I’ve been actually speaking, of course, with Cherokee, Hopi, the Navaho and now Hawaiian indigenous. I’ve recently been in connection with the sovereignty movement in New Zealand with the consciousness and awareness of exposing the fraudulent financial system. Even in India people are contacting me with hopes of change and Australia. All of these groups are preparing within their own localities, it seems to be, very strong indictments against their current system of corruption.

What we’re wondering is, has sovereignty been achieved anywhere on the earth? Is it possible that there might be some very strong areas that are living in a lot less Cabal-type of control within their systems – a place where they have benevolent leadership that you can talk about right now?

Cobra – There are many, I would say, partial victories, I would say, taking place throughout the globe, but the final breakthrough will happen at the event. This is a global situation, not localized.

Rob – Yea, that’s what’s been kind of my take. We’ve had partial victories in certain areas and with certain judges and within certain police jurisdictions. Certain individuals within these systems are making individual choices not to follow the dictates of this kind of control, tyrannical nature. Energy is kind of shifting within people’s consciousness on a subconscious level, for even with mainstream, isn’t it?

COBRA – Yes, that is true.

Rob – OK. I wanted to go into some of the gutsiest questions here. We have a lot of them this week. I’ve done some interviews with a woman who talks about Agenda 21. She was in the Australian Parliament – a very brave woman named Ann Bressington. She was attacked for telling the truth but she decided that she wasn’t going to run, and as a lame duck, she began speaking out against the Cabal revealing the inside bankster scamming going on in Australia. It’s a standard thing around the planet and it seems as though there’s lots of different alternative groups. She’s actually working with the Swiss Indo. Can you talk about the intentions of the Swiss Indo groups a little bit and what their work is about?

COBRA – This is one of many groups that are trying to speed up the re-set of the financial system one way or another. (OK) I will not go into details here.

Rob – OK. All right. Each group has its strength and weaknesses and greater or lesser victories. But most of it definitely seems to be populated with people with wonderful intent and will be part of the new system, correct?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – Here we go into some other ones. We’ll go through these and how you want to answer them. Has the plasmatic strangelet and toplet bombs have the same effects as the physical ones after detonation?

COBRA – Very Similar.

Rob – Is the accident of the F-16 jet fighter crash on the NATO base in Spain involving two Greek pilots semi-related to the elections in Greece?


Rob – OK. What is the situation in Nigeria at the moment? Is Boko Haram militia still powerful and active?

COBRA – They are still powerful and active. They are not as active as they were a few weeks ago, but the situation is not resolved at all.

Rob – Was the recent Netherlands situation a false flag?

COBRA – Can you specify which Netherlands situation?

Rob – The other day there was a hostage situation and the police were called in – you know a terrorist thing.

COBRA – You can label it as a false flag, but it’s something that is not important on a planetary level.

Rob – OK. Are the human hostages that are in the hands of the Chimera former members of the secret space program that decided to cross into the light or became deprogrammed?

COBRA – Some of them, yes.

Rob – Are some of them ET as well – the light forces of the Galactic Federation or Agarthan network?

COBRA – I would say those were and belonged to that part – have been freed already. I would say yes. Yes the Chimera group did have hostages of that nature.

Rob – Thank you. Has there been any progress in regard to the clearing of what you have called the invisibles after the ISIS activation last December?

COBRA – Yes, there has been quite much progress in that area.

Rob – OK. Since the primary anomaly has greatly decreased after the ISIS activation. Would it be safer now for ET ships to land on the surface?

COBRA – Not yet. It has not been cleared to that extent.

Rob – OK. Here’s an interesting thing. I’m kind of curious about this. You’ve talk about this. They hold in their possession a piece of this dark black stone, yes?

COBRA – They did hold that in their possession. If they do or not anymore I don’t know, that’s another question.

Rob – Right. And what’s kind of interesting is you talked about in another post. You talk about the Cintamani stone. Can . . .that’s a special stone that has a high vibration, you said. Is that correct? (Yes). And that comes from a former asteroid hitting the earth, is that correct? (Not exactly) Or comet?

COBRA – Also, not exactly. I would just say there are two aspects – two different types of the Cintamani stones and one of them is coming from the Sirius star system.

Rob – OK. So it kind of seems interesting that these stones seem to hold a lot of importance. Are these symbolic or are these actually energetic principles within these stones that have influence in consciousness and the life streams on the planet?

COBRA – Crystals have much more power than people realize. And yes, a small stone, one single small stone at the right proportions at the right moment can change the time-lines of this planet.

Rob – Wow. That’s very interesting. It makes Semjase crystal laser stuff she was teaching us very interesting. I have a question for you. Someone asked me and I’m curious, I recently got some tektite stones. Can you talk about tektite stones? I was thinking of having some of these tachyonized. Someone said they were very good for consciousness.

COBRA – Yes, tektites are very important because they connect us with various star systems. And some of them did come from various star systems.

Rob – Really. I am going to get them tachyonized. Awesome. We’re going to jump around here. Many people have asked a question about when the advanced healing technology. We’ve had a lot of these questions this month. They’ve asked about these healing devices – these advanced technologies. Were these going to be probably given to us or are we going to have to learn how to make these on our own, which may make some of these technologies come later.

COBRA – Both. It will be a learning process. Some of them will be human made and some of them will come as assistance from other races when the time is right. So it is a combination of learning process and also a combination of receiving technologies and healing.

Rob – And will these technologies be given freely, obviously, yes?

COBRA – Yes, you will not need to pay for them.

Rob – Very good. The other thing a lot of people have been asking questions like: Will I be able to re-grow my teeth or I’ve lost a limb, will that be able to be grown back? Will that type of thing take place?

COBRA – Yes, at a certain point.

Rob – This is quite some ways down the line, correct?

COBRA – Yes, yes.

Rob – Would you say over 10 years? (No) Less than 10 years after the event.

COBRA – Yes, of course. It will be . . . After the event things will be happening quite fast.

Rob – Wow. Here’s a cute one here. Someone was asking about: will they be able to create an Avatar body?

COBRA – At a certain point when you have the right consciousness that will be possible.

Rob – Yea, I’ve heard that too, as well as many people may be turning into their soul energies where they’ve come from other worlds and probably envisioning that type of thing. Yes?

COBRA – Yes, yes.

Rob – Another question – kind of a weird one. Is there a particular dark reason why male babies in America get circumcised a few days after their birth directly?

COBRA – This whole ritual has dark origins and the light forces are not supporting it.

Rob – Absolutely. Another question I wanted to ask was in regards to the solar system. You said, in the galaxy it’s the last area to be clear. How can the galactic federation even know that with billions and billions of galaxies? Is it really that connected out there – all these billions of galaxies and all these multiple worlds? You are sure there is no other similar situation going on with the reptilians and Orion or similar type beings in perhaps other systems?

COBRA – OK. When beings reach a certain level of consciousness they have a pretty much good overview of the whole universe – what is happening – and energetically they would see any dark spot. It would be very awkward signal for them. They know what they are seeing.

Rob – Umm and I’ve personally heard a lot of different people getting Hazmat or breathing attacks and I’m kind of curious. Is any of this Cabal related? What is the situation with the on-going attacks to the environment in the atmosphere as regards to the chem-trails? Certain places are still getting pummeled.

COBRA – Yes, the situation is not resolved yet, so people might have problems with breathing, not only because of the chemicals but also because of the scalar attacks.

Rob – Yes, speaking of a scalar attack in a deep underground base, a dear friend of mine is near New Mexico, out there, and they were wondering in regards to that underground bases. It seems to be one of the heavy Nazi strongholds areas down there in NM. Is that a plasma Chimera underground base? Is that very large?

COBRA – You’re speaking about Dulce or any other location?

Rob – I’m speaking about the one that you mentioned in New Mexico. Is Dulce still active?

COBRA – No, none of them are active at the moment. They have been . . .

Rob – In one of your posts you mentioned there’s a secret Chimera space program down there.

COBRA – New Mexico. It has been cleared.

Rob – That’s within the last month or two then isn’t it?

COBRA – It was in the last . . I would say recently.

Rob – Wow. Very good.

Rob – Cobra, you mentioned in a previous interview a location near Montauk. There’s an entry/exit point – Cold Spring harbor – a genetics laboratory where the Chimera produced top Cabal member clones, according to some unconfirmed sources. Is this operation still going on? Do they still have some of these clone things for these guys?

COBRA – Yes, this is still going on at the moment.

Rob – That’s going to make the arresting of these guys at a high level a bit of a problem. (Exactly) Veterans Today reported that there was a large, I guess a detonation, of an allegedly – this was their analysis – was that there was a detonation of a regular weapons depot that contained explosions and that was to mask a small yield nuclear device. Can you comment, did that happen?

COBRA – Yes, unfortunately this is what happened.

Rob – And how much life was lost? Was it in a remote area?

COBRA – Not much life was lost because if there was much life lost the Light forces would have a strong reaction to this.

Rob – So, this was a smaller yield. This was bigger than a demolition thermite. This was like a small yield nuclear bomb, correct?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – What was this target that they exploded?

COBRA – It was mostly psychological. They were testing the limits of the light forces. It’s similar to what they were doing in Syria about two years ago.

Rob – Yes, and the situation in Syria actually, can you please talk about that on-going situation? Again, Gordon Duff in Veterans Today, tribal people had a very strong revelation with former military and top brass individuals briefing religious groups – tribal members from throughout the Middle East and explaining the Cabal situation and how the operations being run in the Middle East are basically a group of criminals manipulating wars for profit. It seems to have quite an effect. Can you talk about? What is the situation in Syria now with that type of suffering and that type of activities of the Cabal? Is there still firefights and murder taking place?

COBRA – Unfortunately yes. The situation in Syria has not been resolved. It is quite similar to that is happening in Ukraine. It is the same pattern. This is not expected to change before the Cabal is completely removed from the planet. A lot of healing needs to be done in that area.

Rob – Thank you for that. People your meditations today are very important. We do have some day-light savings time. However, if wondering, always go by the Greenwich mean time. Please check Cobra’s last post for that. I had a couple of these questions. What really happens to the Air Asia plane? Was it hijacked – remotely controlled? What happened there? (Repeat) What happened to the Air Asia plane?

COBRA – Yes, yes, exactly. It was hijacked.

Rob – OK. Let’s see here. A question in UK. People who have not seen any change – of course it’s the big financial hub of the control network. Is there anything in the election coming up in UK that could be foreseen as some positive changes? Are there any real candidates there, do you think?

COBRA – No, not very likely because it’s too early for that. The changes will not happen politically. The changes will happen first through the financial system and through the exposure of the crimes of the Cabal which has already started.

Rob – Thank you. Yes, they’ve been arresting governors and entire former presidents are being taken down now. A question – I think it’s pretty obvious. Will there still be royalty in the UK after the event?

COBRA – All this will be restructured, but it will take some time. People are quite emotionally attached to the idea of royalty – especially in the UK. This it will take time to transform. It’s like religions.

Rob – OK. There’s some rumors that there are positive military is actually in control of the White House at this particular time and are preparing things. Is there any truth to this rumor?

COBRA – They are not in control of the White House, but yes, they are preparing things.

Rob – Interesting – a couple of metaphysical questions here. Where are the 600 million souls of land animals that are killed for food every day? Where do they come from and where do they go as they’re killed? Why do they keep coming here in such large numbers as group souls?

COBRA – It’s same as the incarnation process. The animal returns to a group soul and incarnates back when the time is right.

Rob – Do humans return to a group soul and reincarnate?

COBRA – No, no, Humans have individual life paths.

Rob – That’s what I thought. OK. Thank you. We know you mentioned the Matrix, and, of course, the movie Avatar, but do you know any other good movies that are kind of presented as fiction but have some real good facts on what’s going on.

COBRA – Recently there was a new movie coming out called Jupiter Ascending. This movie presents some ideas that are quite close to reality.

Rob – (laugh) I tried to see that movie last night but Fifty Shades of Grey got sold out and the overflow went into Jupiter Ascending. So I didn’t get to see it. I’m looking forward to that. Have the cabal been trying to escape the planet?

COBRA – Not yet. Their plan was to escape the planet at the time of the mass arrests. This was their secret plan, but they have nowhere to escape to right now. So they have a problem.

Rob – Have the Chimera tried to escape the planet?

COBRA – No. They think they will control the situation and if they are cornered, they will fight to the end or surrender. They also have nowhere to go.

Rob – I hope that’s true, I really do. Here’s a scientific question here. Is the speed of light a constant and if not, how is it related to consciousness?

COBRA – Yes, speed of light in vacuum is almost constant. It is not completely constant because it changes with the size of the universe to a certain extent. I would say, in this time frame as Scientists are discovering, as they are measuring the last century, it is almost constant. This is a simplified answer to this question.

Rob – OK. That’s on the physical plane, correct?

COBRA – Yes, on the physical plane.

Rob – On other dimensions, time would have a different equation in relationship to consciousness, correct?

COBRA – I would say the speed of light on higher planes is different. And also there are other particles besides photons that can be carriers of light, which have different speeds, of course.

Rob – Yes, there’s a recent article. They’ve released the information from the public utilities commission colluding with the supposedly the smart meter implication and the fact that it charges more electricity. It’s more of a criminal operation and has more negative effects of the human biological and there’s been e-mails proving this between the utilities commission president Michael Peavey and another individual. They have 65,000 e-mails revealing collusion and conspiracy including former PG&E VP Brian Cherry. Are these smaller actions behind the scenes that are being revealed? No one’s been jailed here or anything. But this is the on-going part of the disclosure process, correct?

COBRA – Yes, yes. I would say many smaller victories like this are being done every day.

Rob – India, of course, greatly under British rule, and I’m sure they are gonna make sure they controlled the finances there – the Rothschilds. Is there any possibility of financial liberation in India at any time soon?

COBRA – The same as anywhere else on the planet.

Rob – OK. What is Kundalini energy?

COBRA – Kundalini is the light force. It is the basic life energy in every sentient being.

Rob – OK. Is the Congo portal closed?

COBRA – Not yet completely.

Rob – I’ve been hearing information . . . This gentleman had this St Germain, James Gilliland sent – talked about 24 strand DNA. After the Event and the tachyon are able to pierce the veil and the veil is actually removed, will this create natural genetic mutations into human DNA to increase it’s strands?

COBRA – Yes, but not mutations as people understand them. It’s more of a realignment of the DNA to the etheric matrix – to the etheric matrix, not the matrix that people understand now.

Rob – Will there be established very soon after the event open external retreats where people can go to interact with teachers from the Agarthan network who will openly say, ‘Yes, I’m from the inner earth,’ and begin to share some of their technologies and spiritual techniques to aid humanity in establishing a greater life force within their consciousness?

COBRA – Yes, at a certain time after the event. Yea, this is what’s going to happen.

Rob – And will this also take place with the Galactic Federation openly and certain locations be able to have people meet them in a sense, not like a rock star or some sort of oddity but in an open interaction of, I guess we could certainly say, teacher and student from individuals who come from cultures that live a long time and are willing to share their information? Will this take place on the spiritual level? Everyone‘s talking about giving us technology and helping us with finance. For me personally, I’m looking forward to the – as the Moody Blue’s say – learning the secrets of our soul and how to develop a closer union with spirit. Can you talk about that a little bit?

COBRA – Yes, of course, the Galactic Fedration will assist humanity in spiritual development and also technology. All that assistance will be given as fast as humanity will integrate it.

Rob – OK. I guess I’d like to leave with some positive information, Cobra. It sounds like with the revelation to humanity that you made in your last post – you talked about the revelation of this quarantine that’s never really been explained about the surface of the planet. You actually mentioned that this is the reason in 1996 reptilians were not on the surface of the planet eating humans for breakfast. This is a disturbing part for many contactees who have this experience and try to figure out how they’re going to relate it to the world.
For those of us who are aware kind of understand that this is actually the situation that took place. The question is: They really are opening up the communication for humanity now, and we’re expected to partake in this awareness. What is hoped by the revelation of this contract and the fact that we’ve been taken over? What is hoped that will be achieved to the human population with this awareness?

COBRA – Okay. It’s simply time for people to know the truth. That is a very basic need and very basic right of every human being to know the truth and now the truth is coming up.

Rob – Well thank you very much. That’s exactly what I feel. Dr. Frank would always emphasize “the whole truth”. There’s been a lot of things hidden. Thank you,
Cobra, friends, our emissary of light, who has been shedding the light of truth upon us in regards to these actions. It’s always enlightening. I want to thank you very much. I want to send my heart wishes out there to Rique Seraphico who had a little explosion this month. Rob – Anyway Cobra, thank you so much for coming on here again. Thank you, very much, and victory to the light.

COBRA – Victory to the light everybody and the breakthrough is near.

Rob – Thank you. (Thank you).


The Promise Revealed » 2015 Feb 16 – Q & A with Cobra – Rob Potter