Jun 5, 2024

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 (Semper Supra SSP 101) Secret Space Programs refer to Covert or Classified Space-related Activities and Projects. I.e., Secret Space Exploration Programs conducted by Governments, Earthly Aerospace and Defense Companies and ET Civilization Living Off-world ~ June 5, 2024 ~ |

SoTW - (links has been deleted or censured)
21 levels of Security Clearances above POTUS, page 1 (abovetopsecret.com)
Above Top Secret: Security Clearances Explained (greydynamics.com)
Classified information - Wikipedia

 'There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden' ~ David Wilcock and Corey Goode Consciousness Life Expo 2016

Editor's Note
: I strongly believe, not many souls on Earth has the very top (click on chart)  "Majestic" clearance to know it all. I.e. the 38th (or 46th) top level secret clearance of the US which is 21 level higher than the US president. Let's assume the real (Pres.) Trump and 2nd (body double) Pres. Putin knows a hell of a lot more than they let us to believe.

U.S. Space Force: Origins - a video released by America’s newest military branch puts it this way: When foreign powers can build bases on the dark side of the moon when private companies are inventing a new economy beyond our planet, we need to stay one step ahead of the future.

I just knew on SoTW, the jig was up, for the "controllers" of the "Space" after 1977. Spielberg and Lucas both had major sci-fi movies hitting theaters in 1977. Star Wars = Solar Warden? It's well known fact, Solar Warden exist. The Secret Space Program (SSP) is a classified operation under the U.S. Air Force and the United Nations authority, that has been operating since 1980. They have also been known to have ties to many secret societies. 

Of course it goes all the way back to The Vril Society. A German occult group that emerged in the early 20th century, building Nazi spaceships and a Dark Space Fleet with their "Partners in Crime" The Dracos (Lord Archons) etc. We all know about The Anunnakis 450,000 years ago invading Planet Earth and HUmans and ET DNA. etc. etc.

SoTW have talked and listen and learn about secret esoteric teachings from people on this subject, some in Europa with C.O.B.R.A. R.M. and Simon Parkes CC. (not anymore). Not to forget Louis (my Danish holistic ND). Mostly though, in america after my trips to spiritual conferences, UFO congresses and what-have-you. Alex Collier, Dr Michael Salla and Rob Potter, was a bit hard to talk to (when you're a danish hillbilly from nowhere).  

I was excited after special seminars with David Wilcock, Corey Goode, David Adair and William Tompkins (one month before he died). Buuut, I really enjoyed conversations with James Gilliland, R. Scott Lemriel, Ted Mahr, Tolec (of the Andromeda Council), Omnec Onec, (Ambassador from Venus), Craig Camposso, Dr Ken Johnston, T.L.keller and more. (My favorite is Emery Smith,  James Gilliland, R. Scott Lemriel and David Adair). 

"Introduction to the Secret Space Program 101 by James Rink, Johan Fritz and FESIG." is also great. Interestly enough, Johan Fritz, says in this SuperSoldierTalk, that "Metals" (gold, silver, palladium) has no value in the Universe. The number #1 trading currency is, "DNA" at the 37 minute marker (this video will blow your mind). You also might wanna listen to Tony Rodriguez- SSP Veteran.

P.S.: Below is a SSP 101 "starter" video (TR-3A,B and 4 and beyond). Click on the many links to other investigating and interesting videos for more... |  

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