May 15, 2024

🥼🚰♾️ (Among the Secret 6000 US Patents of Suppressed Technologies) The Water ‘Infinite’ Energy Generator “Perpetual Motion Machine”. Invented by Petros Zografos ~ May 15, 2024 ~ |

Greek fact-checkers exonerated after years of legal disputes
The physicist JACOB TRIER FREDERIKSEN explained the flaw in the Zografos device
Full Disclosure of Suppressed Free Energy Patents

Editor's Note: It all started in October 2016, when a Greek scientist developed a revolutionary method for turning water into electricity. The Union of Greek Physicists held a special scientific conference for the presentation of the invention. That meant, large scale public attention.. 

Sometimes – unfortunately – it boils down to, whether you want to be bought up or broken down by 'Big Oil'. Mr. Petros Zografos and his amazing invention that promises inexhaustible energy from water, could completely revolutionize the Energy Industry, if the 'Big Energy Establishment', allows it (just like Elon Musk, but on Big Oil's terms). 

Many, many times curious, ingenious minds, working with/inventors of free energy devices as hydrogen powered cars, free energy electric water power generator turbine, cold fusion, superconductivity' and magnetic motors etc. have a tendency to disappear, from earth.. 

It's called 'Free energy suppression'. This can be active-as by a competing company that does not want the invention marketed: destroying lab and prototype and threatening to kill the inventor if he attempts to market the device again.'. Passive suppression can involve a rich competitor, such as a major oil company that buys up the inventor's patent with no intention of bringing the product to market until demand for oil greatly exceeds supply and gas prices soar... |

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