Apr 6, 2024

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April 5, 2024 

As More Young People Die From Turbo Cancers, The Globalists Roll Out Their Next Psy-op, A Perfect Candidate For 'Disease X' - Doctors Warn H5N1 Could Be 100x Worse Than COVID 

- More Appalling Evidence COVID Was A DOD Op To Exterminate Americans

By Stefan Stanford - Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

According to this new story over at the Daily Mail, they may have, at last, found the cause of the mysterious and devastating spike in cancer rates among the young and previously healthy, with what they're calling 'new research' determining 'bacteria in the gut linked to processed food and not eating enough fiber' could very well be to blame. 

Claiming that 'scientists say they could be one step closer to discovering the cause of the soaring rates,' nowhere in the story did they ever bring up 'the vax' as being a much more likely cause than 'bacteria in the gut linked to processed food and not eating enough fiber,' so the top-voted comments on the story were left to do the truth-telling, until the Daily Mail suddenly deleted those top-voted comments, too. 

With those comments, with huge up to down vote ratios, showing that 'the People' of the world are surely awakening, the fact that the DM ended up deleting those comments after they hung around at the top of their comment section for the morning and much of the afternoon yesterday shows we're still fighting epic censorship from the mainstream media who don't even want comments going against their agenda getting out there, especially with that DM story pushing the 'bacteria and not eating enough fiber' line of garbage.

And we've warned you several times on ANP over the past year+ that they'd keep on coming up with absolutely ludicrous new excuses for this brutal wave of cancers striking highly vaxxed countries as seen in the map below, from 'global warming' to 'the unvaccinated' to now, not eating enough fiber. What will they come up with next?

So check out the map above showing global cancer rates in those under 50 and one thing stands out quickly; the super-high cancer rates in Western nations, with Australia leading the pack and the USA not far behind along with several nations in Europe, all countries that pushed the vax, hard!

As this Daily Mail story reports, scientists have been scrambling to find the cause of a mystery cancer 'epidemic' which is striking under-50s, with the diagnosis of Kate Middleton last week 'shining a light on the startling trend,' and as that DM story confirms, 'top doctors claim it is a worldwide problem.'  

Reporting also that 'despite years of research, researchers are baffled as to what is behind the problem,' and that 'in the wake of the Princess of Wales' news, one surgeon claimed an yet-to-be discovered factor could be to blame,' we'll go out on a limb here and surmise that UNTIL they look at the very strong probability that THE VAX IS TO BLAME, they'll NEVER find 'THE REASON' for this explosion in cancers. 

And as Dr. William Makis MD has been warning us in an endless series of stories on his Substack blog, there can no longer be any doubt about the ties between the vax and all of these turbo cancers in formerly young and healthy adults and even children, with numerous episodes of couple's who got the vax together suddenly being struck with brain cancers at nearly the exact same time, and as Dr. Makis bluntly warned us, "Since the rollout of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines, couples are coming down with cancer. This is no longer a rare phenomenon, and pharmaceutical companies are positioning themselves to profit from it."

So a note to all of the so-called 'experts' and 'surgeons' and 'politicians' who are allegedly 'searching' for a reason behind this huge spike in deadly cancers hitting the young and once-healthy, if you REALLY want to find the reason behind this, you need to STOP wasting money looking at things like 'global warming' and spend a few moments of time looking at 'the vax' YOU PUSHED as the reason for this genocide! 

Yet if you really think that's going to happen, and they'll even consider 'the vax' as being the poison, I've got a bridge in Baltimore I can sell you, cheap! And as Dr. Makis MD also warned us on April 4th, these globalists who are carrying out one psy-op after another also have their next psy-op ready to go which Dr. Makis also warns us is the perfect candidate for 'Disease X,' the big, bad, scary H5N1, what some doctors warn could be '100X worse than COVID'.

As we see and hear in the first video below, all across the mainstream media they're starting to push this H5N1 avian bird flu, a flu which “experts” claim has “jumped” into mammals, and now into humans.

And with their line “100x worse than Covid” clearly another fear tactic to get the ignorant ready to rush out and get their next 'vax,' how long will it be until they're pushing the 'go get your H5N1 vaccine' while claiming we'll need to be 'up to date' on our vax to go shopping, out in public, etc etc etc? 

As we're also warned in that first video below, back in August of 2023, the Russian military claimed that the US military was 'preparing a new pandemic, just like they did in 2019. Going so far as to specifically mention “avian bird flu” as one of the viruses the US were modifying to infect humans and orchestrate man-made pandemics, what are the odds that is now what we're witnessing, with the globalist media even tying in the 'boogeyman' of it being '100x worse than COVID'?

Just more evidence that the US military and government are more than happy to create bioweapons to use upon the American people if it helps them to hold on to power, how long will it be until Democrats are calling for massive mail in voting, or maybe even more likely, pushing to outright cancel the election?

And with any such 'election canceling' surely being the precursor to martial law and America in flames, as we hear in the 3rd video below, Astra Zeneca leaked audio reveals Covid was, and continues to be, a DOD operation to kill Americans. With that video featuring former Pharma Executive Sasha Latypova exposing DOD contracts with pharma for mass genocide of the American people, as we reported just days ago, now they're putting these lethal poisons in our food which we could buy in the grocery store without even knowing.

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