Apr 23, 2024

πŸš€πŸŒŒπŸ€₯ (For Shits and Giggles) SoTW; Never A Straight Answer (NASA) finds traces of alien smelly-fart-gas in a bullshit-glass-can. Why would you ever believe in that kinda story? ~ Apr 23, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Note: Look, SPACE is NOT fake and Flat-Earth is a CIA PsyOp. And all their Blue Beam, CGI and manipulations. I've stick to that belief and that will never change. Then we have NASA administrator Bill Nelson bizarrely claims they don't know what's on the backside of the moon after chinese claim they went there. 

The Military–Industrial Complex (MIC) with G20 nations (Weapon and Aerospace Manufacturer) and The Secret Space Programs (SSP) has traded with E.T.'s that look just like you and me for 80 years now. 1980's Solar Warden Armada has mile long spaceships that can travel beyond our solar system with zero-point energy and warp drive Star Trek and Star Wars technologies, through space-time wormholes. They already have jump-rooms, teleportation devices and med-beds to regrow limbs and organs etc.

And Danish DTU Space is knee-deep in alien blue-blood by providing space tech for the Mars landings, Mars Rovers and the fake Space-ambassador Andreas-Astro aka Space-Bloop (IMHO). 

It's soooo COMPLEX, HUGE, ADVANCED and COMPARTMENTALIZED. It's so unfathomable to HUmans to even comprehend that it only exist in Science Fiction (and inside old intelligente from 1500s when Flat Earth started)... |

SoTW - Closer to finding aliens on Mars?

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