Jan 22, 2024

❓❤️‍πŸ”₯ (Reblog: 'Great video except SPACE is Fake & Flat Earth Theory.' ~ SoTW) Phil Godlewski ~ Rapid Fire Q&A (GAOG Q&A highlights) ~ Jan 22, 2024 ~ |

January 21, 2024 by Suzanne Maresca

If you don’t like Phil, and there are numerous reasons that might be true for you…perhaps look at what he says as entertainment. How much of what we see and hear at the moment could really be considered absolute, anyway? At the very least, what he has to say is interesting.

I make notes on his videos because it’s more efficient than having to watch the whole, long, pause infused thing. There’s a fair bit of flat earth theory at the end as well, with more sprinkled throughout. None of that made the final cut here. Just sayin’…

If you aren’t familiar with how Phil does his Q&As, he takes questions that he knows the answer to, and only in a yes or no format. In some cases, I just write his answer. In others, the question seems best shared by posing it and including the response.

Believe it or not, it isn’t until 45:30 that he starts with intel. His big bomb for this presentation was that in the first few days of 2023, the apparent King Charles departed the Earth plane. The announcement of same will be the last piece to drop in place for NESARA and the QFS to take place.

The queen’s death was supposed to trigger NESARA / GESARA, but that announcement was delayed. There will be no more delays.

Kate Middleton being in the hospital is no coincidence, and that occurrence is also related to the announcement of the king’s death.

The Q&A starts at 56 minutes.
  • Vivek is bad news and Trump knows it.
  • Disease X isn’t real.
  • Am I Snowden? No.
  • Phil is sure the cartels are controlled by the White hats.
  • JFK, Jr. is alive.
  • Is the EBS still needed? No. That doesn’t mean they still won’t do it. (He says later that they will)
  • Was Brian Kemp ever taken care of? Yes.
  • Am I part of a sting operation? Yes.
  • Sleeper cells are a concern.
  • The Pope situation will be a marker as well, and we will learn of his death.
  • We will not get a WW3 scenario.
  • Phil has 14 houses.
  • Ariel is not a good source.
  • There’s not going to be a virus attack.
  • [Chuck] Grassley is a White Hat.
  • NESARA / GESARA won’t happen until the fake Biden is out of office.
  • Is Obama at GITMO? Not right now.
  • Will Diana return? It could go 50 / 50, either way. It’s up to her.
  • The apparent Hillary will be publicly arrested. The actual Hillary is dead.
  • Trump will not be jailed.
  • Obama is alive.
  • The White Hats are in control of most of HAARP, but little pockets of it are still under cabal control.
  • Am I an ex CIA agent? If I have to answer that question, the answer is no.
  • Phil thinks JFK, Jr. would be better suited for a global ambassador kind of role than he would as VP.
  • The military will be used to enforce NESARA law where elected officials step down.
  • Have we really won this? Yes.
  • The White hats control the fake Biden.
  • Seth Rich is alive.
  • Nancy Pelosi is still alive.
  • Have you ever gone by or been referred to as White Rabbit? Yes, actually I have.
  • Trump will be back before the financial crash.
  • There have been EMP threats that made the White Hats back down as part of the moves and counter moves in this war.
  • Charlie Ward is alive.
  • Are you still an agent? No.
  • Are Q-phones really a thing? Yes.
  • Did you use Mark (Poole?) as an identity in the past? Yes.
  • William will not be king.
  • The EBS date, as of the 17th of January, has been determined…and that could change.
  • Fetterman is not still alive.
  • Q will post again.
  • The border is not as bad as it looks.
  • Our phones will work when Starlink is set up.
  • Diana will not replace Charles.
  • There will be another lockdown, but not like last time. This time, it will be by martial law. It’ll be limited, too. We’ll see.
  • The IRS can no longer initiate liens or take access.
  • Epstein is still alive.
  • CERN is no longer in operation.
  • Lin Wood is not Phil’s attorney.
  • Phil says med beds will cure addiction. I think Skye Prince has other ideas; if the addiction is because of a physical illness, then yes. Otherwise, no. She’s never said that mental issues would be resolved via med beds.
  • Royals will be dissolved all around the world.
  • DeSantis is not deep state. He’s playing his role well.
  • JFK passed away in January of 2022. He was 104 years old or so.
  • Trump has multiple body doubles, as every president always has.
  • There will be redemption centers for currency exchange.
  • Nicky Haley is deep state, and that’s not her real name.
  • The SCOTUS overturning of the 2020 election will be announced soon.
  • Vivek knows his cover is blown.
  • Are you the one who will flip the metaphorical switch? Yes, and it’s far more complex a process than flipping a switch.
  • Is Kari Lake going to be VP? No.
  • Disney will be cleaned out and re-appropriated.
  • Has Jamie Dimon been arrested? No…not yet.
  • The Brunson case has already been a game changer.
  • Do you still believe (Calinn?) will be VP? Yes.
  • He doesn’t have to be in Hawaii to do the EBS, but it’ll make things a lot easier.
  • Phil believes that silver is going to outvalue gold this year.
  • Raffensperger is not a White Hat.
  • Newsom is dead.
  • Jim Carrey is a good guy, not a White Hat involved in operations.
  • Is King Charles 11:3? Yes. (K=11, C=3)
  • Dan Scavino is a die hard good guy.
  • The border wall is part of free energy. It’s a giant tuning fork.
  • Starlink is safe.
  • Stacy Abrams was arrested.
  • McAfee is alive.
  • The stock market crash could be any day, and it’ll happen quickly. You probably will not know that it happened, and it will be over. You won’t even have time to react.
  • HAARP was used with a DEW on Lahaina.
  • “I’m not going to tell you if I’m related to Steve Jobs.” Huh?
  • Trump is alive.
  • Barron is adopted.
  • Elon Musk is a good guy.
  • Bitcoin is not good.
  • Phil thinks silver is going to hit 50k/ounce.
  • Katie Hobbs was arrested.
  • Will the NASA lie be revealed? Yes.
  • The Lahaina children are safe.
  • Barron is Diana’s son. (Diana was born in 1961, and barron is now 17. She would have had to give birth at the age of 46. That’s not impossible, especially if she’s had access to extra terrestrial tech. Looking at their photos, it seems quite possible.)

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