Dec 11, 2023

🏝️🤴🔞 (Prince Henrik, who wanted to be king, mysterious death) His best friend was, Christian Kjaer, who sold island to Epstein, lost all royal titles, convicted and escaped to Switzerland. This is what we know: For over 10 years, the now deceased and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein (didn't kill himself), tried to buy the Danish multi-millionaire Christian Kjær's caribbean island, Great St. James. In all secret, Epstein succeeded year of 2016 under the guise of a Dubai businessman for DKK 143 million. ~ Dec 11, 2023 ~ |


"One of whom, the Danish well-known lawyer and billionaire FLSmidth heir, Christian Kjær, stated: "Those who wanted to visit the ruins of an old brothel from the time of the slaves came to my island, Great St. James, while those who wanted to go to an active brothel, went to Little St. James" ~ Christian Kjær 

Editor's Note: (Little St. James & Great St. James have been purchased by Stephen Deckoff to create a luxury resort). We know, from many danish tabloid sources, the Grumpy HRH the Prince Consort (the King of Hearts) died in 2018 by a lung disease (benign lung tumour). But in fact, it was a lung disease, common, in homosexual men (according to my nurse mother of SoTW who called Rigshospitalet). Rumored, a thorn in the eye, to Queen-Daisy, as he accused Queen Margrethe, of lack of respect as she refused to let him be King etc. etc.. The Monarchy, was very, very afraid that he spell the bean on all their secrets, and or/bad-mouth the Queen and others behind their backs. So 'they' invented a story, that Prince Henrik suffers from dementia and later died very suddenly (and/or was put to sleep like a dog). 

My old friend from Public School / High School told me, when she worked for the entertainment industry and TV3 Television channel, that Prince Henrik, was gay and was many times over, seen in swinger clubs and liked (small boys) on his trips to Asia. He also studied in Hong Kong and Saigon and was fluent in French, Danish, Chinese and Vietnamese. My female school friend also had a fling with René Dif - Danish musician and singer-songwriter, who told her, lots of nasty details.

Anyways, we know, that Prince Henrik, was best friends to Christian Kjaer, one of Denmark’s richest men. We know, that Prince Henrik (a frequent flyer) visited the second island, Great St. James, which is located directly across the channel from Epstein’s 72-acre Little St. James property (and near St. Thomas in the West Indies). We know, that Susan Astani and Christian Kjær was in secret married on Great St. James and the best man or the groom's right-hand man at the wedding, was in fact Prince Henrik, and he was there, at the ceremony. 

We know, that Christian Kjaer, didn't want to be associated with Epstein due to his status as a registered sex offender. To get around this hurdle, it appears that Epstein made it seem on negotiation documents as though Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, a wealthy Dubai businessman with connections to the Saudi royal family, was purchasing the island—allegedly without Sulayem’s permission, according to emails obtained by the Herald...

As you all know, the Queen deprived Mr. Kjaer from his royal titles, like (kammerherre) Queen's Lord Chamberlain, (hofjægermester) Master of the Hunt and Freemasonic Knight Templar Cross aka Order of the Dannebrog etc. (because of sentenced to a conditional imprisonment). Why? Christian Kjær was convicted by the law. Given a 30-day suspended sentence for running down a traffic official (collision during a bicycle race) and the rest is history. Never to return to Denmark, he said, and sold all his properties... |


Her er ismanden som Christian Kjær sælger Sandbjerggård til
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