Nov 18, 2023

🧊❌πŸ€ͺ (What is a "MOON (MADNESS) CHILD"?) SoTW; Putin calls Elon Musk a “Trojan Horse”. Elon Musk firing a missile at the firmament? Your mean, "The Flat Earth", is covered by a Dome or 'Firmament'? And the arena in The Hunger Games has a Dome, right? So, it must be true?? ~ Nov 18, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: Last night i'd dreamt about time traveling and I was (kinda) learning how to do it but it meant pain. A few nights ago I dreamt about Trump and me, was best buddies and had long talks. It also happened with Putin. It was a real experience to me, it woke me up and I could remember it all. Why? I have no clue. 

Perhaps, the 'original' Elon Musk has been executed at GITMO and the one you see today is a clone (working for the good guys) And no, Pres. Trump is not going to be 'reinstated.' Perhaps he runs 'things' in the background as Commander-in-chief with off-wolders, buuutt, 2024 Presidential Election, will be cancelled (In my humble opinion). 

My Higher Self told me, that DK-PM Mette F. will leave office before May of 2024. Right now, another "predator-pedophile case has open up after a Member of Parliament, Mike Villa Fonseca, was forced to leave The Moderates (Danish: Moderaterne) after he had sex with a 15 year old girl and relationship and wish to live with her. That means, the ruling government lost another mandate which means, its collapsing..

Are some truthers "crazy" as they come? Yes (and no). If they don't make it, it's their own damn vault. Both Musk and Trump was born into a Cabal-family 100% true. Clif High, Phil Godlewski, JeanClaude and Tarot By Janine, also believe of a fake Space and Hidden Continents on Earth (Ice Wall).

Btw - ""The real conspiracy: Flat earth is a psyop"" -- There is perhaps no greater Internet-wide PSYOP than the CIA-directed Flat Earth Conspiracy (FEC). This covert black operation has London's notorious Tavistock Institute written all over it. The Millennium Report has posted extensively on this extremely effective PSYOP since its inception. We have felt compelled to address it one last time because of a number of prominently configured truth-tellers who either subscribe to the FEC utter nonsense or who provide a safe haven to discuss their absurd and distracting 'theories'. How is it that some major alternative news websites even host the ridiculous ramblings of Flat Earthers... | 

(20) HiddeΟ€ Amur∆Ka: Thrπ“‚€ce (G)REatEST ΰ₯ on X: "What is a "MOON CHILD"?

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