Nov 21, 2023

💥🍄☢️😩 (Watch Doomsday Preppers Shitshow?) The world is in crisis - yes!. We feel powerless to control our own lives, much less the destiny of our planet - yes!. Buuutt, what if there were a greater force with the knowledge and wisdom to influence our destinies? ~ Nov 21, 2023 ~ |

SoTW (D.MAIL posted by Steve Quayle)

'America to be hit with JIHADI TERRORISM SPREE and risk of nuclear detonations' (Give me a f*cking break Mr. Quayle)... 

FREE GUY: Preppers pushing the agenda of; fear-mongering-crazy-doomsday-prep-apocalypse-now-end-times-energy-false-times-false-matrix-duality-dilemma-dualbalance-doingrightorwrong-goodandevil-simulated-suffering-and-separation (Survivalism)... Why put all your trust (and money) into preppers like Mike Adams, Steve Quayle, telling you to get out of the banks before they steal it all and we're entering (nuclear) WWIII with US (The west), Russia, Iran and the entire Arabia community? And who the heck is Canadian Prepper with millions of followers, with an outlandish warnings; 'Are you prepared for economic collapse, The bad news hasn’t even started yet, Angry mobs after SHTF, Head for the Hills?.' What kinda talk is that?... Sooo, if you wish that in your life - you should listen to; Nate Polson from Martensville, Saskatchewan in Canada. NASA (Who says a giant asteroid will hit earth), The Hagmann Report, Mike Adams, Steve Quayle, Knapp, Chase Kloetzke, Michael Schratt, Timothy Alberino and (maaaany) more... | 



Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Monday, 7-Nov-2022 00:38:38

For your consideration and discernment - very interesting presentation which provokes more research. It is reported that the ETs arrived here, after WWII, precisely because of our activities with nuclear energy and their attempts to stop our folly. Is this another topic filled with lies, like so many others??!!


It seems this is just another lie to instill fear in us.. among other objectives.
Don't take anything here as final truth, please do your own research and apply critical thinking.
This video is here to provoke thoughts entertaining unconventional theories.

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